Season 6
LA X (Parts 1 and 2)
LA X (Parts 1 and 2)
Season 6 | Episode 601 | Aired 02/01/2010

[quote-left]WHOOOSH to LAX at an Oceanic counter with Jack on the phone with his mom. He explains he scheduled the funeral so soon because he wanted to get it over with and never thought something like this could happen. He hangs up, and then a voice behind him asks what he lost. Jack turns around to see John Locke in a wheelchair. Locke says they lost one of his suitcases. Jack tells him they lost his father's coffin. That wasn't the answer Locke was expecting and gives his condolences. Jack explains it was supposed to go on the plane in Sydney but it didn't, and now it's somewhere in "transit." Locke says Jack's story beats his. He just lost some knives. [quote-right]Jack asks what happened to him and says he's a spinal surgeon. Locke explains that surgery isn't going to help. His condition is irreversible. Jack gives him a card and tells Locke to call him for an free consultation. Nothing's irreversible.

[quote-left]WHOOOSH back to the Temple as Sawyer regains consciousness. Kate explains that they're with the Others again, but this time they're protecting them. Kate sees Sawyer staring at Jack across the courtyard and says Jack was only trying to help. Sawyer says he's not going to kill Jack because he deserves to suffer on this rock just like the rest of them.

[quote-right]Lennon walks over and tells Jack that Dogen needs to speak to him privately. Jack tells him to either say it there or leave him alone. Lennon says they're going to have this conversation and it's not going to be here. The guards grab Jack and he fights them off. But then, in the background, a figure rises into frame. Hurley and Lennon gasp. Jack turns around to see Sayid sitting up, looking around. He has no idea where he is or who these people are. Jack can't believe it. Wasn't he dead? Sayid looks to Jack and says, "What happened?"


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