Season 6
LA X (Parts 1 and 2)
LA X (Parts 1 and 2)
Season 6 | Episode 601 | Aired 02/01/2010

Juliet smashes the bomb with a rock WAAA-BOOM! The cavern flashes white and the screen washes out – and then a familiar hum begins to rise in the whiteness. An image fades in as we pull back to see a majestic blue sky. We pull back further through a window and we finally recognize the sound because –

We're inside a plane. It's the sound of the plane's engine. Looking out the window is Jack Shephard. He blinks, a moment of disorientation. A flight attendant asks him about his drink. In a familiar conversation, Jack tells her it's not very strong, and Cindy secretly gives him another bottle of vodka. Then – KHWOOM! Turbulence hits. The plane shakes and rocks – is this the moment it's going to be ripped in half? And suddenly – the plane stabilizes. [quote-right]Across the aisle, Rose tells Jack it's okay, he can let go now. Jack realizes he was clutching his armrest. He lets go as the pilot announces they will have a smooth ride into Los Angeles. Bernard returns to his seat from being in the bathroom and jokes that next time he's going to hold it.

[quote-left]Jack gets up and goes back to the bathroom himself. When Jack returns to his seat, he finds another man sitting there. It's Desmond, but these two men don't know each other. They're strangers. Desmond apologizes and says the man next to him has been snoring since they left Sydney. Wait – Desmond got on the plane at Sydney? The stewardess told him the seat wasn't taken, and he asks if it's okay if he sits there. Jack's says sure and slides into his seat, studying the strangely familiar man. Desmond asks if something is wrong, and Jack asks if they know each other from somewhere. Desmond says he's not sure.


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