Season 6
What Kate Does
What Kate Does
Season 6 | Episode 603 | Aired 02/08/2010

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On the island: at the Temple:
- Dogen and Lennon "test" Sayid and realize he's infected.
- They give Jack a pill to give Sayid. Jack refuses to give it to him and takes it himself.
- Dogen forces Jack to spit the pill out and admits it's poison.
- Dogen is sure Sayid has been claimed by darkness because it also happened to Jack's sister.

On the island: tracking Sawyer:
- Sawyer leaves the Temple and tells Kate not to come after him.
- Kate goes after him anyway. Jin goes with her, along with two Others: Aldo and Justin.
- Kate finds Sawyer at his old house in the barracks. He blames himself for Juliet staying. She was going to leave the island, but he asked her to stay because he didn't want to be alone. He was going to propose to her.
- On his way back to the Temple, Jin steps into a bear trap while fleeing from Aldo and Justin, who are then shot. The person shooting at them is none other than Claire.

Flash sideways:
- Kate takes off in the cab and abandons Claire on a city street.
- She gets the handcuffs cut off and discovers baby items in Claire's suitcase.
- Feeling guilty, she goes back, picks up Claire and drives her to the adoptive couple's house.
- The couple can't adopt the baby, and Claire goes into contractions. Kate rushes her to the hospital.
- Dr. Ethan Goodspeed tends to Claire and gives her a shot to stop the contractions.
- Claire lies to the police about Kate, giving her a chance to get away.

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