Season 6
What Kate Does
What Kate Does
Season 6 | Episode 603 | Aired 02/08/2010

[quote-right]Lennon runs into Dogen's chambers and tells Dogen that Sayid is alive! Hurley, Jack, Jin and Miles are surprised but happy that Sayid is alive. Sayid is a little light-headed but okay. He asks what happened, and Jack explains that he died. Kate doesn't understand how it's possible he's alive. Sawyer, thinking about Juliet, bitterly says of course an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids totally deserves another go 'round. Sawyer looks around and asks how many Others are guarding the place. Kate is confused, and Sawyer says he's going to run away.

WHOOOSH to Kate in a cab with Claire jamming the Marshal's gun into the cabbie's neck. The cabbie peels away – and almost runs over Arzt in a crosswalk. Kate tells him to keep driving and get them out of there! The cabbie drives on. Once they get out of the airport and into a residential area, Kate makes him pull over. As soon as the cab stops, the driver bolts out the door and runs away. Kate jumps in the driver's seat and takes off. She demands Claire's purse, then pulls over and forces Claire out of the cab. Kate takes off, leaving Claire crying on an unknown street corner in an unknown part of the city.

[quote-left]WHOOOSH back to the Temple as Hurley explains how they got there. Jack notices that Sayid's wound has completely closed. It's scabbed over like it happened weeks ago. Sayid thanks Jack for saving his life. Then Dogen comes out with Lennon and wants to talk to Sayid. Jack refuses to let him go. Dogen orders the guards to take him, and a scuffle ensues. Then BLAM! Gunshots rings out – it's Sawyer! He's holding a gun he just took from an Other. The guards turn their weapons on Sawyer, but Dogen shouts no! Lennon orders them to lower their guns and not to shoot. Sawyer tells everyone he's leaving. Dogen says Sawyer has to stay, and Sawyer says no, he doesn't. Then he looks right at Kate and tells her not to come after him.


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