Season 6
What Kate Does
What Kate Does
Season 6 | Episode 603 | Aired 02/08/2010

WHOOOSH to the hospital as LAPD cops ask Claire about "Joan Hart," the cab driver who brought Claire there. Claire says she just drove her there and then left. They ask if she knew where "Joan" was headed, and Claire says no. The cops leave, and Kate comes out from her hiding spot. She thanks Claire for lying. Claire asks what she did, and Kate asks if she'd believe her if she said she was innocent. Claire says yeah, she would. Kate tells her Aaron is a great name, and Claire says she doesn't know why she said it. It's like she knew it or something. Kate tells her she should keep the baby.

WHOOOSH back to the Temple as Dogen gives Jack some tea. Jack asks why they're trying to kill Sayid, and Lennon says they think he's been "claimed." Dogen explains that there's a darkness growing in Sayid, and when it reaches his heart, everything he once was will be gone. Jack asks how he can be sure, and Dogen says because it happened to his sister.

In the jungle walking back to the Temple, Jin is grabbed by Aldo and Justin. Aldo asks where Kate is, but Jin doesn't know. He tries to run – but he steps in a bear trap and goes down! Then BANG! BANG! Gunshots rip into Aldo's chest and Justin's shoulder. They go down, and through the brush comes the unseen shooter. Jin tenses. A figure emerges from the jungle, looking feral with stringy hair and tattered clothes. Jin's eyes widen in shock because holding the smoking rifle is none other than Claire Littleton! She registers Jin with complete and total shock, too, and –



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