Season 6
The Substitute
The Substitute
Season 6 | Episode 604 | Aired 02/15/2010

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On the island: Locke and Sawyer:
- Locke frees Richard and asks him to join him. Richard refuses.
- Locke goes to Sawyer in his old house at the barracks and says he can answer the most important question Sawyer has: Why is he on the island.
- Locke sees a young teenage boy in the jungle who reminds him of the rules.
- Locke and Sawyer climb down a cliff and go into a hidden grotto where the names of the potential candidates are written on the wall. Locke uses this to recruit Sawyer to his side: they're going to leave the island.

On the island: at the foot statue:
- Ben tells Ilana what happened to Jacob inside the foot statue.
- Sun won't leave Locke's body on the beach, so they carry him back to the grave area of the survivors' old beach camp
- Ilana explains that the person pretending to be Locke can't change his face anymore; he's stuck like that.
- They bury the real John Locke, and Ben says a short eulogy for him.

Flash sideways:
- Locke is living with Helen and they are going to get married.
- At his job at the box company, he lies to Randy about the Australian trip and is fired.
- Hurley helps Locke out by giving him contact info for a temp agency he owns; Rose works there and gets Locke a job as a substitute teacher.
- At the school, Locke meets fellow teacher Ben Linus, who teaches European history.

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