Season 6
The Substitute
The Substitute
Season 6 | Episode 604 | Aired 02/15/2010

On a suburban street, a van pulls up and a side door slides open. John Locke maneuvers his wheelchair onto a mechanical ramp and begins the slow descent to the ground when the gears grind and stop. He fiddles with the controller but it won't budge. He decides to gun it and hopes the chair will hit the ground rolling – but he only tumbles over and hits the ground face first. To add insult to injury, the sprinklers turn on. Helen runs out, turns the sprinklers off and helps Locke inside. As Locke takes a bath, Helen complains about the details of their wedding and suggests they get married shotgun style in Vegas. Locke says no, she deserves better. As she goes through his wet clothes, she finds Jack's business card and asks about it. Locke says they met in baggage claim – the airline had lost something of his, too. He offered Locke a free consultation. Helen suggests Locke call him. Who knows? Maybe they were supposed to meet. Maybe it was destiny.

[quote-right]WHOOOSH to the island and the camera zips through the jungle moving at top speed. Then we hear the TIKKA-TIKKA-TIKKA sound and realize – this is the point of view of the smoke monster! It races up to a machete on the ground… and then a hand reaches into frame and picks it up. It's the hand of John Locke. He walks over to a large, dirty canvas bag hanging from a tree and cuts it down. Out pours Richard Alpert, groggy and disoriented. Locke tells him it's time to talk.

[quote-left]Richard asks what he wants, and Locke says what he's always wanted. For Richard to come with him. Richard says no, and asks why he looks like John Locke. Locke, or whomever the person is occupying Locke's body, says because John was a candidate and could get him access to Jacob. Richard asks what's a candidate, and Locke is surprised. Jacob didn't tell Richard any of this? After all this time doing what Jacob wanted and he never said why? Locke says he never would've kept Richard in the dark like that. He would've treated Richard with respect. If Richard would come with him, Locke'll tell him everything. People rarely get a second chance. Richard says no. But then Locke sees something over Richard's shoulder – a teenage boy. Richard turns around, and the boy is gone. Disturbed, Locke says good-bye and leaves.


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