Season 6
Season 6 | Episode 606 | Aired 03/01/2010

Here is your brief recap of "Sundown." For the more detailed recap of this episode, go to the next page!

On the island: Sayid:
- Dogen asks Sayid to kill Locke and gives him a special dagger to use
- Sayid stabs Locke, but he's unaffected
- Sayid returns to the Temple and kills Dogen and Lennon

On the island: Locke:
- Locke makes an agreement with Claire: if she delivers a message to the Others, he'll help her get Aaron back
- Sayid goes into the Temple and tells them they have until sundown to leave or they will die
- The Others imprison Claire
- Kate returns and tries to rescue Claire, but Claire doesn't want to go with her
- Cindy, the kids and a few Others leave and join Locke
- The smoke monster attacks the Temple, killing everyone left inside
- Sayid, Claire and Kate join Locke and the Others who left; Locke has now assembled his team

Flash sideways:
- Sayid goes to Nadia's house, who is married to his brother and has two kids
- Omer, Sayid's brother, borrowed money from Keamy to open up a new store and has to pay interest payments every month as long as he owns the business. Omer wants Sayid to talk to Keamy and "convince" him to stop the payments. Sayid says no, he doesn't do that type of thing anymore
- Omer is beaten unconscious outside his store. Nadia pleads with Sayid not to do anything in retaliation
- Nadia asks why Sayid didn't want her and pushed her towards his brother. Sayid says he has blood on his hands from what he did, and he doesn't deserve Nadia
- Keamy forces Sayid into a meeting at a closed restaurant. Keamy tells Sayid that he is going to have to make the payments now. Sayid kills Keamy and his men
- In the walk-in freezer, Sayid finds Jin beaten and tied to a chair

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