Season 6
Season 6 | Episode 606 | Aired 03/01/2010

Sayid sits in a taxi outside a suburban house and stares at the photo of Nadia. Finally he gets out and rings the doorbell. Nadia answers, and they fall into a hug. But it's not the type of long-lost romantic hug you'd expect after years of estrangement. And then a young boy and girl run out and wrap their arms around him shouting Uncle Sayid is here! A man also steps out and sees the flowers Sayid holds. He's surprised that Sayid would bring flowers for his wife. Sayid smiles and offers them to the man. They hug, and Sayid says it's good to see you, brother.

Later at dinner, Sayid says he has been all over the world translating contracts for an oil company. Omer, Sayid's brother, just opened up another dry cleaning store. Sayid is genuinely happy for him. Then Omer gets a call. He says it's business and leaves the table. It's the first time Nadia and Sayid have been alone, and she asks if he got her letters. Yes, he did. Nadia points out that he never wrote back.

[quote-right]WHOOOSH to the Temple as Sayid talks to Dogen about why they did the tests they did on him. Dogen says it would be best if Sayid were dead, but Sayid says he's a good man. Dogen is dubious -- and SLAM! Without warning, he drills Sayid in the throat with the edge of his hand. The fight is on. They crash into tables and wreck the place. Dogen grabs a paint brush and splinters off the bristle end, just about to stab Sayid in the neck, when he sees a baseball roll by on the floor. Something about it makes Dogen stop. He tells Sayid to leave the Temple and never come back.


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