Season 6
Season 6 | Episode 606 | Aired 03/01/2010

WHOOOSH to the Temple as the Others decide what to do. Cindy says it isn't safe there anymore, and she and the kids can't take the risk. They leave. Sayid finds Dogen in the pool room and returns the dagger. Dogen tells Sayid that he was a businessman in Osaka and worked at a bank. He was promoted and they went out to celebrate. He had too much to drink, and he had to go pick up his twelve-year-old son from baseball practice. There was an accident. He survived but his son... Jacob came to him in the hospital and said he could save his son's life, but Dogen had to come to the island and could never see his son again. Dogen then asks if Locke made Sayid a similar bargain, and Sayid says yes. Then Sayid tackles Dogen and forces him underwater, drowning him. Lennon comes in and is shocked to see what Sayid has done. Dogen was the only thing keeping the smoke monster out! Sayid slits Lennon's throat and says he knows.

Then the smoke monster attacks. The Others hear the TIKKA-TIKKA-TIKKA sounds outside, and it crashes through the doors! It roils up like a snake and strikes! Kate runs to the cistern to help Claire out, but Claire tells her she'll be safer down there. Kate looks up and sees the smoke monster barreling right toward her. She jumps into the hole, clutching onto the rope ladder. Miles tears down a separate corridor and runs into Ilana, Lapidus, Sun and Ben. They ask where Sayid is, and Miles tells them the pool room. Ben offers to go get him. Ilana leads the rest to the secret tunnel. Sun asks about Jin, and Miles tells her he left the day before. Ben finds Sayid and tells him there's a way out, but Sayid only stares at him, Lennon's blood on the knife. There is no way out for Sayid anymore.

In the Temple aftermath, Sayid crosses through the courtyard taking in the carnage. Sayid let the monster in, and there's no remorse left in him. Claire enters, and she's singing. Oblivious or unfeeling, we can't tell. But following her is Kate, and she's stunned. Sickened. They walk outside and join Locke with the small crowd of Others who left in time. Locke smiles, victorious, and nods to Sayid with approval. Locke has now assembled his team, and there's no going back.


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