Season 6
Dr. Linus
Dr. Linus
Season 6 | Episode 607 | Aired 03/08/2010

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On the island: beach camp:
- Sun, Miles, Ilana, Lapidus and Ben return to the beach camp
- Ilana finds out the truth from Miles that Ben killed Jacob
- Ilana forces Ben to dig his own grave
- Locke visits and tells Ben that he's leaving the island and wants Ben to be in charge when he's gone; he leaves a rifle for Ben to use against Ilana
- Ben runs for the rifle but can't shoot Ilana
- Ben apologizes for killing Jacob and wants to go to Locke because he's the only one who'll have him; Ilana says she'll have him
- They return to the beach camp together

On the island: Jack and Hurley:
- Jack and Hurley head for the Temple when they run into Richard Alpert
- Richard leads them to the Black Rock
- He wants to die and asks Jack to kill him
- Richard explains he devoted his life to Jacob and the island, and now that Jacob is dead he has no purpose
- Jack lights a stick of dynamite, but believes that Jacob went to all the trouble to watch him and bring him to the island for a reason, so they're not going to die
- Richard returns with Jack and Hurley to the beach camp

Flash sideways:
- At the high school, Ben is ordered to cover detention hall by Principal Reynolds
- Ben doesn't like Reynolds and complains he's a bad leader
- He tutors a student of his, Alex Rousseau, and learns that Reynolds is having an affair with the school nurse
- Ben confronts Reynolds about the affair with his lascivious emails; he wants Reynolds to resign and recommend Ben as the new principal
- Reynolds threatens to sink Alex's academic future if Ben pursues this
- Ben chooses to back down so Alex can get her recommendation to Yale

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