Season 6
Dr. Linus
Dr. Linus
Season 6 | Episode 607 | Aired 03/08/2010

[quote-right]WHOOOSH to the jungle as Ben reaches the rifle, grabs it and whips around, aiming at Ilana. She screeches to a halt, shocked to see Ben armed. She drops her rifle and waits for Ben to shoot her. Ben explains that he knows what Ilana is feeling because he felt it, too. He watched his daughter die in front of him… and it was his fault. He had a chance to save her, but he chose the island over her. All in the name of Jacob, a man he'd never met but whom he had pledged his allegiance. Ben sacrificed everything for Jacob, and Jacob didn't even care. So Ben stabbed him. He was angry. Confused. Terrified that he would lose the only thing that mattered to him, which was his power. But the thing that really mattered was already gone. He apologizes to Ilana for killing Jacob and knows she could never forgive him because he can't forgive himself. Ilana asks what he'll do, and Ben says go to Locke because he's the only one who'll have him. Ilana thinks for a moment and says that she'll have him. She turns and heads back to the camp. Ilana is the first person to show Ben any mercy, and he follows her.

WHOOOSH to the high school principal's office as Ben enters. Did he sell Alex out and become the new principal? Alex knocks and comes in, surprised to see Ben there. She tells him that Principal Reynold wrote her an incredible letter of recommendation. She asks if Ben had anything to do with it, and Ben says no. She's a great student and did it all on her own. Reynolds comes in and asks what Ben is doing there. Ben says just dropping off the detention sign-in sheets for the week. Ben says he'll see Alex in history club. It's back on, right? Resigned, Reynolds says yes. As he leaves, Arzt comes up to him and asks if he did it. Ben says no. Arzt is disappointed and asks about his parking spot. Ben decides to give Arzt his own.

WHOOOSH to the beach camp as Ben returns with Ilana. He offers Sun some help, and they set up her shelter. Then Hurley, Jack and Richard walk out of the jungle and join them. It's a bittersweet reunion… and as the camera cut to the ocean, a submarine periscope juts up out of the water. Below in the sub, a crewman is watching the reunion on the beach. He asks if they should stop… and Charles Widmore is sitting next to him. He says no, proceed as planned.



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