Season 6
Season 6 | Episode 608 | Aired 03/15/2010

Here is your brief recap of "Recon." For the more detailed recap of this episode, go to the next page!

On the island: Locke's group:
- Locke asks Sawyer to do recon on the Hydra island
- Sawyer rows over and discovers all the Ajira survivors are dead
- He is captured by Zoe and Seamus and taken to see Widmore on the sub
- Sawyer makes a deal with Widmore to bring Locke right to his doorstep only if Widmore will give Sawyer's people safe passage off the island; Widmore agrees
- Sawyer returns to Locke's camp and tells Locke everything about Widmore
- Sawyer tells Kate that while Locke and Widmore are fighting, they're going to take the sub and get off the island

On the island: Claire/Kate:
- Claire leaves her hovel with Locke's group, which includes Kate and the Others from the Temple
- Claire attacks Kate and tries to kill her
- Locke apologizes to Kate and promises it won't happen again
- Claire apologizes to Kate and thanks her for taking care of Aaron

Flash sideways:
- Sawyer is revealed to be not a con man but a cop
- His partner is Miles
- He lies to Miles about being in Australia
- Miles sets Sawyer up on a blind date with Charlotte
- Sawyer and Charlotte have a good time together, but she finds his secret file on Anthony Cooper and he kicks her out of his apartment
- Miles discovers that Sawyer was lying about Australia, but Sawyer won't tell him why; Miles doesn't want to be Sawyer's partner anymore
- Sawyer explains to Miles who Anthony Cooper is and why he was lying
- They're rear-ended by Kate as she's running from the police, and Sawyer arrests her

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