Season 6
Season 6 | Episode 608 | Aired 03/15/2010

[quote-left]Sawyer goes inside Claire's hovel. Jin is there and says that Claire and John will be back soon. He wants to leave before they get back, but Sawyer says he's with Locke. Jin is surprised and asks why. Sawyer doesn't care who Locke is but he says he can get them off the island. Jin doesn't want to leave until he finds Sun. Sawyer understands and says they won't leave without her. Sawyer hears them return, and they go outside and are surprised to see that a group of the Others came with Claire and Locke. Then Sawyer sees Kate, and it's the last person he expected to see.

WHOOOSH to hotel bedroom. Sawyer's in bed with Ava. She realizes he's late for an appointment, and he jumps up, throws his clothes on, grabs a briefcase -- and the case pops open. Piles of cash fall out. Yep, this is Sawyer's old con, and he's trying it on a new victim. Sawyer pretends to be "busted" and explains the "investment" -- but then Ava pulls a gun on him and demands the money. She knows how to spot a con man, she's married to one. How stupid does he think she is? Sawyer says pretty damn stupid actually. It's a set-up. The room is bugged, cops surround the place, and a tracer is in the briefcase. All she had to do was take the money back to wherever her husband was hiding out. Ava doesn't believe him and says he's a lousy con man. She raises the gun and cocks it -- and Sawyer says the magic word: "LaFleur." Suddenly cops break down the door and arrest Ava. Miles walks in, an LAPD badge dangling from his neck, and shakes his head. He says put your damn pants on... partner. Then Miles tosses Sawyer his badge. Ava is shocked -- he's a cop?! Sawyer winks at her. That's right, sweetheart. Surprise.

[quote-right]WHOOOSH to the jungle outside Claire's hovel as Locke addresses the group. He knows they have questions and he'll answer them, but they need to keep moving. Cindy asks about the people who stayed behind at the Temple, and Locke says the black smoke killed them. But they're with him now and he'll protect them. As they head out, Kate asks if Sawyer is with Locke. Sawyer says he's not with anybody.


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