Season 6
Season 6 | Episode 608 | Aired 03/15/2010

At Locke's camp, Claire apologizes to Kate and thanks her for taking care of Aaron. Kate accepts her apology, and Claire breaks down crying in her arms. Sawyer returns, and he tells Locke that Charles Widmore is over on Hydra island and won't let them take the plane without a fight. He also says they have pylons to keep out the smoke thing. Locke asks why Sawyer is telling him all this, and Sawyer explains that Widmore will be caught with his pants down when they change their attack plans. Locke thanks Sawyer for his loyalty. Sawyer says a deal's a deal, and Locke promised he'd get Sawyer off the island.

[quote-left]Sawyer walks over to Kate and talks to her privately, telling her everything that's happened. He explains that he told Locke everything because it was the only way to get Locke to trust him. Now he's going to let them fight it out. And while their hands are full with each other, they're going to get the hell off this island. Kate asks how, he doesn't know how to fly the plane. Sawyer says they ain't taking the plane -- they're taking the sub.


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