Season 6
Ab Aeterno
Ab Aeterno
Season 6 | Episode 609 | Aired 03/22/2010

At the beach camp, Ilana tells Jack, Hurley, Sun, Ben, Miles and Lapidus about her visit from Jacob in the Russian hospital. Like the scene in the season five finale, Jacob asks for Ilana's help, and now we get the full scene. Jacob tells her there are six people she needs to protect. These people are the remaining candidates. And even though she was badly burned during training, Jacob reaches over and touches her face, helping the burns heal and Ilana get better. Jacob tells her to find the six candidates and take them to the Temple. Once she gets there, she should ask Ricardus what to do next.

[quote-left]Richard sits in the shadows listening to Ilana's story and starts to laugh. He has no idea what to do next. He was just trying to kill himself -- does it sound like he has a plan? Jacob lied to Ilana. Everything he's ever said has been a lie, and it's time they stop listening to him and start listening to someone else. Richard then tells them something more unsettling -- that they're all dead. Every single one of the them. They're dead, and they're in hell.

[quote-right]Richard then walks into the jungle. The group doesn't know what to do. Ilana wants to go after him, but Jack thinks Richard has lost his mind. Who'd he mean when he said they have to start listening to someone else? Sun tells him Richard meant Locke. Jack is confused. Locke is dead. Ben explains that he's not exactly Locke. Then Jack sees Hurley having a conversation with someone, but there's nobody else there. He thinks Hurley is talking to Jacob and marches over, asking what Jacob is saying. Hurley tells him it isn't Jacob and that who he's talking to has nothing to do with Jack. Ben tells Ilana that going after Richard is a waste of time. Richard doesn't know anything. Ilana asks how Ben can be so sure, and Ben says he's known Richard since he was twelve. Lapidus asks if they met when they were kids? Ben says no. He was a kid but Richard looked exactly like he does now. Lapidus is confused -- is Ben saying the guy doesn't age? Ben says yes, and Lapidus asks how'd that happen?


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