Season 6
Ab Aeterno
Ab Aeterno
Season 6 | Episode 609 | Aired 03/22/2010

Alpert returns to the stone bench. The Man in Black is waiting there, and he's not happy. Alpert hands him a white stone and says Jacob told him to give it to him. The Man in Black tells Alpert he'll never be with his wife again. He knows how convincing Jacob can be, but if Alpert ever changes his mind, his offer still stands. He then says he has something for Alpert. He found in the ship. The Man tosses Alpert a gold cross and leaves. Exhausted and frayed to the bone, Alpert sinks to his knees and digs a small hole near the bench. He buries the cross and says good-bye to Isabella. He begins covering up the cross with dirt as --

[quote-left]WHOOOSH to the island present day. Alpert is at the same spot digging up the dirt, only the sapling is now a full-grown, massive tree. He finds the cross and kisses it. He stands and yells that he's changed his mind. He was wrong. He asks if the offer still stands. Alpert hears rustling and turns. Hurley comes out of the jungle and asks, what offer? Alpert is angry Hurley followed him, but Hurley says Alpert's wife sent him. She wants to know why he buried the cross. Alpert asks how Hurley knows, and he says because she just told him. Isabella saw him dig it up. She's standing right next to Alpert. And although Alpert can't see her, Hurley can. Isabella says Alpert doesn't believe him, and Hurley says it sometimes takes people a while. She asks that Alpert close his eyes. Hurley will tell him everything Isabella says. Isabella tells Alpert that it wasn't his fault she died. As much as he wanted to save her, it was her time. He's suffered enough. Alpert says he misses her and would do anything for them to be together again. She says they already are together. She kisses him and then is gone. Alpert thanks Hurley, but Hurley says she said one more thing. She said they have to stop the Man in Black from leaving the island. If they don't, they'll all go to hell.

WHOOOSH to Jacob and the Man in Black high atop a hill looking over a valley. Jacob points out that the Man tried to kill him. The Man in Black asks if Jacob wants an apology. Jacob says no, he was just wondering why. The Man says he wants to leave, just let him leave. Jacob says as long as he's alive, the Man in Black is not going anywhere. Then the Man says he will kill Jacob. Jacob says if he does, someone else will take his place. The Man will have to kill that person, too. Jacob gives him the wine bottle and says it's something for him to pass the time. The Man in Black says he'll be seeing Jacob... sooner than he thinks -- and smashes the bottle into pieces.


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