Season 6
The Package
The Package
Season 6 | Episode 610 | Aired 03/29/2010

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On the island: Locke's camp:
- Jin decides to leave Locke's camp but is abducted before he can go
- Claire asks Locke if her name was on the cave wall; he says no
- Kate's name wasn't on the cave wall either; and once Kate helps Locke get the last three candidates on the plane... whatever happens to Kate happens
- Locke goes to Hydra island and confronts Widmore
- Jin is held in room 23 and asked about old Dharma maps with grid searches indicating where pockets of electromagnetic energy are located
- Sayid spies on the submarine for Locke and discovers that Desmond Hume is Widmore's secret package

On the island: beach camp:
- Sun is confronted by Locke; scared, she runs off into the jungle, hitting her head on a tree branch and knocking herself unconscious
- Sun wakes up and can't speak English anymore
- Alpert and Hurley return; Alpert wants to go to Hydra island to destroy the Ajira plane so Locke can't leave
- Sun refuses to go with them; she doesn't want to destroy their only way off the island
- Jack persuades Sun to trust him; he'll help her find Jin, get them on the plane and off the island

Flash sideways:
- Sun and Jin are released from customs
- They check into a hotel but in separate rooms -- they aren't married
- Jin sneaks into Sun's room one night and they sleep together
- Sun suggests they run away, but Jin says it's forbidden
- Keamy and Omar show up; Jin missed the appointment at the restaurant, and Keamy is there for the watch and the money
- Sun goes to her bank to get the money for Keamy, but she discovers her father emptied her account
- Jin is taken to the restaurant; Keamy explains the money is his fee for killing Jin; Sun's father was very unhappy when he discovered they were sleeping together
- Sayid kills Keamy and Omar; he frees Jin
- Sun and Mikhail return; Jin and Mikhail have a gun fight; Jin shoots Mikhail in the eye; Mikhail shoots Sun
- Sun reveals to Jin that she's pregnant

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