Season 6
The Package
The Package
Season 6 | Episode 610 | Aired 03/29/2010

[quote-right]Someone is spying on Locke's camp at night. They watch as Locke tells Jin to leave the bandage off his leg, the air will do it some good. Jin asks about the candidate names on the cave wall. Does "Kwon" mean him or Sun? Locke's not sure, but he does know the only way they can leave the island is if all the names that haven't been crossed off go together. Jin says Sun isn't with them. Locke knows and he is working on it.

[quote-left]WHOOOSH to customs at LAX. Jin and Sun are finally released, but Jin is not allowed to take the money. It's confiscated, and Jin will have to fill out paperwork to get it back. Jin looks at his watch -- they've missed the restaurant meeting. Sun asks what the money was for, and Jin says he doesn't know. Her father gave him the money before they left to deliver with the watch. At the hotel during check-in, the clerk mistakes them for a married couple and checks them into one room. Jin holds up his hand -- no wedding ring. They're not married. The clerk apologizes and finds two separate reservations, one for Paik and one for Kwon.

[quote-right]WHOOSH to Locke's camp. Locke tells Sayid he's leaving for a little while to run an errand. He wants Sayid to keep an eye on the camp. Jin criticizes Sawyer for listening to that "thing" and decides he's leaving to find his wife. First he'll try the Temple, then maybe the beach -- but then Jin is shot with a tranquilizer dart. He falls unconscious as everyone else is shot, too. It's chaos with people screaming and running for the tree line. Everyone goes down as Zoe, Seamus and their group step out of the jungle wearing night vision goggles. Seamus finds Jin and asks if he's the guy. Zoe says yes, take him.


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