Season 6
The Package
The Package
Season 6 | Episode 610 | Aired 03/29/2010

WHOOOSH back to the restaurant as Mikhail and Sun enter. They see Keamy, Omar and their goons' bodies on the ground, left there after Sayid shot them. Mikhail runs over to Keamy's body... and one of the corpses suddenly stands. It's Jin, and he was playing possum. He tells Mikhail to drop his gun, but Mikhail spins around and they fight. They fire at each other, and Jin manages to get off a shot -- BLAM! It hits Mikhail in the eye! He drops, and Jin checks himself. He's okay... but Sun has been hit in the stomach. She slumps to the floor and tells Jin she's pregnant. Jin picks her up and runs out with her.

[quote-right]WHOOOSH back to the camp as Jack approaches Sun with a pad of paper and a pen. He asks her what Locke said, and Sun writes on the pad that Locke has Jin. She also writes that she doesn't trust Locke. Jack asks if she trusts him? Sun nods. He tells her that he'll help her find Jin, and they'll all get on the plane and get as far away from the island as they can get. Sun smiles.

At Hydra island, Sayid surfaces from the water. He's near the docks and watches as Zoe and Seamus help a man out of the submarine. Seamus says the guy can hardly stand, and Zoe asks what he expects. The man stumbles and falls on the dock, and Zoe helps him up. But from underneath, Sayid can see the man's face, and he's shocked. It's Desmond Hume!


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