Season 6
Happily Ever After
Happily Ever After
Season 6 | Episode 611 | Aired 04/05/2010

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On the island: Hydra island:
- Widmore orders a test to be conducted on Desmond earlier than expected
- Zoe and Seamus check the equipment to see if they can create a functioning EM field; initially it doesn't work
- A member of Widmore's team is caught in the shed when the equipment starts working and is killed
- Desmond is forced inside the shed
- Widmore explains if this doesn't work, then everyone will die
- Desmond is knocked out for a few seconds but survives
- After the test, Desmond is very Zen-like and says he now understands that Widmore brought him back to the island to do something very important

Flash sideways:
- Desmond is picked up at LAX by his driver, George Minkowski
- They go to Widmore's office where Widmore is happy to see him and says he's blessed to have Desmond in his employ
- Widmore asks Desmond to babysit Charlie, who is scheduled to play at his wife's charity fundraiser
- Desmond picks up Charlie once he is released from jail
- Charlie tells Desmond about his spectacular, consciousness altering love; Charlie has seen what's real; he's seen the truth
- Charlie causes their car to crash off the pier and plunge into the ocean
- While Desmond is trying to rescue Charlie, he sees flashes of Charlie from the Looking Glass station
- At the hospital during an MRI, Desmond experiences more flashes and sees Penny
- Desmond goes to the charity fundraiser and apologizes to Eloise for not being able to bring Charlie there
- He hears the name "Penny" on the guest list and asks about her
- Eloise tells Desmond he isn't ready yet; that someone has affected the way he sees thing and it's a serious problem, a violation
- Daniel tells Desmond his story about seeing a red-headed woman and feeling like he loved her already; then that night writing down physics equations in his journal
- Daniel asks what if all this around them wasn't supposed to be their life; what if they had some other life and somehow changed things
- Daniel tells Desmond that Penny is his half-sister and where and when to find her
- Desmond meets Penny at the stadium as she's running the stairs
- There's an instant attraction between them, and they agree to go for coffee
- Desmond asks Minkowski to get him the manifest for Oceanic 815

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