Season 6
Happily Ever After
Happily Ever After
Season 6 | Episode 611 | Aired 04/05/2010

[quote-left]Desmond wakes up groggily in the Hydra infirmary. Zoe is there and tells him he's been unconscious for the last three days, but he's off the IV sedation and she's given him a shot to wake up. He's no longer in the hospital; they moved him. Alarmed, Desmond asks about his wife. He wants to see Penny. Widmore walks in behind Zoe and says that won't be possible but assures him Penny and his son are safe. He's sorry Desmond had to be taken from them, there wasn't time to explain. But even if there had been, Desmond would never have come. Desmond asks where he is, and Widmore says back on the island. Desmond stares at him -- this is literally his worst nightmare. He grabs his IV stand and smashes it into Widmore's head, beating him with it. Two men run in and yank him off. Desmond yells to Widmore to take him back! Widmore says he can't, the island's not done with him yet.

Jin watches Desmond from the hallway and asks Widmore why Desmond is here. Widmore says it'll be easier to show him. He tells Zoe to take Jin to the generator room along with Desmond so they can start the test. Zoe is worried. The test wasn't scheduled until tomorrow. Widmore knows and says to get it ready now. On the way to the generator room, they pass a hastily built shed, and it's all made out of wood. There's no metal nails or joists. Power cables attach to the shed at each end, feeding into giant solenoids. Zoe leads Jin into the generator room. Scientists are rigging gear to the generator, and there's a video monitoring system set up with a view into the shed. Seamus tells Zoe they're not even close to ready, and Zoe says Widmore doesn't want to wait.

Seamus orders a test to see if they can get a functioning EM field. They start the generator, and nothing happens. It has to be a faulty contact somewhere, and Seamus orders them to find it. Simmons goes down to check the solenoids in the shed. He tests the circuit on the solenoids. They're fine. At the generator, a techie finds a bad breaker and reroutes it. He announces he's putting it back online -- and Zoe yells for him to wait! But it's too late. A high-pitched whining sound powers up, and inside the shed electricity shoots and arcs across the room between the two solenoids. Simmons looks around, confused. The shed glows brighter and brighter, searing light spills through the slats, and then the white light intensifies into a blinding FLASH! Seamus yells at them to turn it off, and finally they get it to stop. They race to the shed and find Simmons on the floor. Dead.


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