Season 6
Everybody Loves Hugo
Everybody Loves Hugo
Season 6 | Episode 612 | Aired 04/12/2010

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On the island: Hurley's group:
- Ilana leaves to get dynamite from the Black Rock
- Hurley sees Michael, who warns him not to blow up the plane or a lot of people are going to die
- Ilana returns to the beach camp but is blown up when the unstable dynamite explodes
- Richard Alpert organizes everyone to go back to the Black Rock for more dynamite
- At the Black Rock, Hurley runs out and warns everyone to get back
- The Black Rock explodes; Hurley set off the dynamite inside to destroy it
- Hurley wants to go to Locke's camp and talk to him
- Richard disagrees and says letting that thing leave the island is too dangerous; he leaves with Ben and Miles to get explosives from the barracks
- Hurley, Jack, Sun and Lapidus trek to Locke's camp
- Locke is surprised but pleased to see them

On the island: Locke's group:
- Sayid returns and takes Locke to Desmond
- Locke is surprised to see him and asks why Widmore brought Desmond back; Desmond doesn't know
- Locke takes Desmond to a hand-dug well
- He explains the area made compass needles spin, and people dug the well to find out why
- Locke says Widmore didn't bring Desmond back for answers; Widmore brought him back to help him find what he's looking for, which is power
- Locke pushes Desmond into the well

Flash sideways:
- Hurley meets Libby at a restaurant; she says they know each other
- Desmond meets Hurley at Mr. Cluck's and tells him he should at least find out where Libby thinks they know each other from
- Hurley visits Libby in Santa Rosa
- Libby says she remembers another life; they were in a plane crash on an island; they knew each other and liked each other
- Hurley arranges for them to go on a picnic
- Libby kisses Hurley, and he starts to remember things
- Desmond watches him from his car, smiling
- Desmond waits for John Locke outside of the school and then runs Locke down with his car

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