Season 6
Everybody Loves Hugo
Everybody Loves Hugo
Season 6 | Episode 612 | Aired 04/12/2010

Hurley is presented the man of the year award for all his philanthropy work at the opening of the Hugo Reyes Paleontology Wing at the Golden State Natural History Museum. However, Hurley's mom, Carmen, isn't happy that Hurley doesn't have a woman in his life. Hurley says he's too busy, but Carmen thinks he's too scared. Hurley denies it – and she says good. She's set him up on a blind date for tomorrow. It's with Grandpa Tito's neighbor's daughter, Rosalita. Hurley asks what she's like, and Carmen says willing to meet him. If she doesn't love Hurley, they'll find someone who will.

[quote-left]WHOOOSH to island. Hurley sits at Libby's grave talking to her. He asks why she hasn't come to visit him yet. Ilana interrupts him – she's going to the Black Rock to get some dynamite to blow up the Ajira plane. Hurley asks if that's really the right move. Ilana says she doesn't know, but it's the only move they have to stop Locke from leaving the island. Ilana leaves… and Hurley hears the whispers. He tenses, looks around – and Michael Dawson steps out from the jungle. Michael says he's there to save Hurley from getting everyone killed. Blowing up the Ajira plane is going to kill a lot of people. And it will be Hurley's fault because everyone's listening to him now. Jack interrupts them and tells Hurley's they're leaving.

WHOOOSH to a Mexican restaurant as Hurley waits for his date. A woman approaches his table and asks if he's Hurley. He looks up, and the woman is Libby! Hurley is awestruck. He didn't expect to meet someone as pretty as she is. He says she doesn't look like a Rosalita, and Libby smiles. That's not her name. She introduces herself, and Hurley is confused. How'd she know his name? Libby says she'll tell him, but he'll think she's crazy. Hurley smiles and says no, he won't. Libby asks if he believes two people can be… connected? Like soul mates. Hurley shrugs. He guesses. Libby is disappointed. Hurley doesn't remember her, does he? This confuses Hurley more. Should he?


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