Season 6
Everybody Loves Hugo
Everybody Loves Hugo
Season 6 | Episode 612 | Aired 04/12/2010

Then a man comes over. It's Dr. Brooks from the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, but in the flash sideways, Dr. Brooks and Hurley don't know each other either. Hurley has never been committed to Santa Rosa. Dr. Brooks asks Elizabeth if she's bothering this man. Libby says no, Hurley is an old friend. Dr. Brooks apologizes for the intrusion and escorts Libby out. Before she goes, Libby tells Hurley she meant everything she said. Stunned by the encounter, Hurley hurries out as Libby gets into a van with the mental institute's name on it. As they drive away, Libby waves to Hurley.

[quote-right]WHOOOSH to Locke's camp in the jungle. Sawyer is unhappy that Locke is doing nothing about Widmore's men taking Jin. Locke says there's a difference between doing nothing and waiting. Kate asks what they're waiting for. Locke says they're waiting for Hugo, Sun and Jack to get there because if they are going get off the island, they can only do it if they're all together.

Sayid returns and updates Locke. He didn't see Widmore, but Widmore's people saw him. Locke is surprised Sayid let them live. Sayid says he didn't see the point of killing them once he had what he went for. Locke asks if Sayid found what Widmore was hiding – and Sayid reveals Desmond Hume tied to a tree. Locke is surprised but then confused. Why did Widmore bring Desmond back to the island?


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