Season 6
The Last Recruit
The Last Recruit
Season 6 | Episode 613 | Aired 04/19/2010

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On the island: Locke's group:
- Locke explains to Jack that they are not trapped on the island anymore; they can use the Ajira plane to fly away but all of them have to be on it
- Zoe delivers Locke a message: Widmore wants back what Locke stole; if Locke doesn't give it back, Widmore will attack the group and kill them
- Locke asks Sayid to go kill Desmond
- Locke tells Sawyer to get the Elizabeth sailboat so they can sail over to Hydra island; Sawyer takes Kate with him
- Sawyer's plan is to sail over to Hydra island and take Widmore's sub by force
- Locke thinks Sayid is taking too long and goes after him; he finds him in the jungle walking back, and Sayid claims he killed Desmond
- Jack, Sun, Hurley and Lapidus sneak off from the group
- Locke realizes what's going on and is at the beach when Jack swims back
- Widmore launches his attack, killing some of the Others on the beach
- Locke protects Jack and takes him to safety in the jungle

On the island: Sawyer's group:
- Sawyer is asked by Locke to get the Elizabeth sailboat
- Sawyer's plan is to sail over to Hydra island and take Widmore's sub by force
- Sawyer tells Jack to round up Sun, Hurley and Lapidus and meet them at the Dharma dock
- Claire follows Jack's group there; Sawyer doesn't want to let her on but Kate convinces him it's okay
- Jack says they shouldn't leave the island; Sawyer tells him to get off the boat
- Jack jumps off and swims back to the main island
- They arrive at Hydra island, and Sun and Jin are reunited
- Everyone is taken prisoner by Widmore's team

Flash sideways:
- Locke is brought to Jack's hospital at the same time that Sun is brought in
- Saywer and Miles get a lead on Sayid and arrest him at Nadia's house
- Claire arrives at the adoption agency and runs into Desmond
- Desmond convinces her to see an attorney who is a friend of his
- The attorney is Ilana, who has been looking for Claire
- Ilana introduces Claire to Jack and David at the reading of Christian Shephard's will
- Jack is called back to the hospital in an emergency operation
- Sun regains consciousness and Jin tells her the baby is okay
- Jack is about to perform surgery on Locke and recognizes him


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