Season 6
The Last Recruit
The Last Recruit
Season 6 | Episode 613 | Aired 04/19/2010

[quote-right]Hurley, Sun, Lapidus and Jack join Locke's group. Locke says he was hoping they'd come. Jack and Locke walk away to talk privately. Jack is surprised this person looks so much like Locke, but it bothers him that he doesn't know who this person is. Jack asks why use John Locke, and Locke says because he was stupid enough to believe that he was brought to the island for a reason, and that belief got him killed. And because Jack was kind enough to bring his body back here. Jack realizes Locke had to be dead before this person could look like him, and then Jack asks who else has he looked like. Was he Jack's dead father? Locke smiles and says yes, that was him. Angry, Jack asks why. Locke says they needed to find water. It may be hard to believe, but all he ever wanted was to help Jack leave. But because Jacob chose him, Jack was trapped on the island before he ever got there. But Jacob is dead now, and they don't have to be trapped anymore. They can all get on the plane and leave whenever they want to. Jack asks if he can fly away whenever he wants, why is he still there? Locke says it has to be all of them.

WHOOOSH to Locke in the back of a speeding ambulance. Ben is with him and tells the EMTs he saw the guy who ran Locke over with his car. The EMT says Ben can tell the police when they get to the hospital, then asks who they can contact. Locke's eyes flutter open, and he says Helen. He was going to marry her. Ben reassures Locke -- he's still going to marry her. He's going to be okay. The ambulance arrives at the hospital and they unload Locke -- just as a second ambulance arrives and unloads Sun -- a gun shot wound to the abdomen. Jin is panicked and yells out "baby" in English. Locke and Sun's gurneys are next to each other. Sun looks over and sees Locke -- and though they've never met in the sideways, her eyes go wide with terror. She points to him and says in Korean it's him.

[quote-left]WHOOOSH to the island as Jack and Locke return to the camp. Claire is caught following them. Locke asks why, and Claire says because Jack is her brother. Locke leaves them alone to catch up, and Jack starts to apologize for leaving her behind -- when Claire interrupts and asks if he told Jack he was the one pretending to be their father. Jack nods. Yeah, Locke told him. Claire smiles. It's nice to see Jack back. She never had much in the way of family there. It means a lot that Jack is coming with them. But Jack corrects her -- he hasn't decided if he's coming with them. Claire looks at him like he said something silly. Sure he has. Jack decided the moment he let Locke talk to him... just like the rest of them. Whether Jack likes it or not? He's with Locke now.


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