Season 6
The Last Recruit
The Last Recruit
Season 6 | Episode 613 | Aired 04/19/2010

[quote-right]At the camp, Sawyer tells Hurley about his plan to take the submarine and leave while Kate tells Sun. Hurley asks about Sayid, but Sawyer says he ain't invited. Sawyer warns Hurley not to tell anyone, not even Jack. Then Claire comes over to say hi to Hurley. They share an awkward hug as Jack and Locke return. Locke smiles, and says it's nice to have everyone back together again.

[quote-left]WHOOOSH to an LAPD precinct as Sawyer talks to Kate. He has her file and reads off her crimes: wanted for arson, assault on a federal officer and murder in the first degree. Kate says she's innocent. Sawyer tells her she can mention it to the feds when they get there, and then asks if she remembers him from the airport. They were on the same plane from Sydney. Isn't it weird? They're on the same flight, have that little meet-up on the elevator, and then out of all the cars in LA, she smashed into his. It's almost like someone's trying to put them together. Kate asks if he's hitting on her, and Sawyer just grins. It'd never work -- he's a cop and she's a murderer. Kate says she's not a murderer. She thinks he didn't arrest her in the elevator because he went to Australia and didn't want anyone to know he was there. Should she mention that to the feds when they get there? Sawyer smiles at her.

Miles comes in and tells Sawyer they have a report of a multiple homicide at a restaurant: a lowlife named Keamy, three goons and a Korean female gun shot wound at the scene. Her boyfriend witnessed it but doesn't speak English. Surveillance camera shows a guy leaving the scene -- and Miles shows him a grainy image of Sayid. Sawyer says it's their bad guy, they just have to put a name to the face.


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