Season 6
The Last Recruit
The Last Recruit
Season 6 | Episode 613 | Aired 04/19/2010

[quote-right]WHOOOSH to Jack's group as they run through the jungle to the Dharma dock. Sawyer and Kate are there waiting on the Elizabeth. Sawyer waves everyone on board -- and then he notices Claire at the other end pointing a rifle at them. She asks where they're going. Kate tells her it's okay, they're leaving the island. Claire asks why they aren't waiting for Locke, and Kate says because that thing isn't Locke. Whoever it is, he's not one of them. Kate invites Claire to come with them. That's the only reason she came back to the island -- so she could get Claire and take her back to Aaron. So they could be together again. Claire thinks about it and finally nods. But she tells Kate that when Locke finds out, he's going to be mad.

In the jungle, Sayid returns from the well as Locke steps out from the foliage. He asks where Sayid has been, and Sayid says doing what he asked -- he shot an unarmed man. Locke asks if Sayid really did kill him, and Sayid says of course. Locke can go check if he likes. They hold each other's stare for a tense beat. Finally, Locke says they have to go catch a boat.

[quote-left]On the Elizabeth, Sawyer explains his plan to Lapidus: they're going to sail to Hydra island, take over Widmore's sub and make his group take them home. Sawyer talks to Jack privately and says he wasn't sure Jack would show up. All this time they've been on this rock, Jack never once did what Sawyer told him. Jack says it doesn't feel right leaving the island. Sawyer asks why? Jack says when he left last time, it felt like a part of him was missing. They were brought there because they were supposed to do something. If Locke wants them to leave, maybe it's scared of what happens if they stay. Sawyer looks at Jack -- and then tells him to get off his boat. Sawyer is angry and says Jack has a decision to make right now -- either come with them and keep his crazy talk to himself, or go in the water. Jack says the island isn't done with them yet, but Sawyer says he's done with the island. Sawyer steps closer and tells Jack again to get off his boat. Jack says he's sorry he got Juliet killed -- and then jumps over. Kate sees him in the water as they pass him -- they hold each other's looks -- as Jack treads water, alone in the ocean watching the boat sail away.


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