Season 6
The Last Recruit
The Last Recruit
Season 6 | Episode 613 | Aired 04/19/2010

WHOOOSH to the hospital as Sun regains consciousness and finds Jin waiting at her bedside. He tells her the baby is fine and that she's going to be okay. Elsewhere, Jack is prepped about his emergency patient. A surgeon goes over an MRI with Jack -- the dural sac is obliterated, and the guy had a pre-existing spinal condition. He was already in a wheelchair. Jack enters the operating room, and as he's about to cut open the man, he leans over to take a look at the patient. Jack is shocked because it's John Locke. He says he thinks he knows this guy.

WHOOOSH to Hydra island as Sawyer's group swims ashore. They are met by Zoe and her team. Jin is with them, and he sees Sun. They run into each other's arms. After many, many episodes and an epic journey across oceans, the island and even time -- Sun and Jin are reunited. They hold onto each other fiercely, and Sun says, "I love you" in English. Kate, Sawyer and Hurley watch, touched by their emotion. Sawyer sees that Zoe is on her walkie talking to Widmore. She clicks off -- and her demeanor changes. She swings up her rifle, and her team does the same. Zoe orders them all on their knees. Sawyer can't believe it -- they had a deal!

[quote-right]On the main island as Jack swims to shore and finds Locke, Sayid and the rest of the Others there waiting for him. Locke asks if Sawyer took his boat, and Jack says yes. Then suddenly a mortar shell flies in and explodes on the shore! Sand and bodies fly everywhere. The Others scatter. Jack is knocked on his ass, ears ringing! Locke picks him up and carries him into the jungle as another mortar shell explodes behind them. Locke tells Jack not to worry. He'll be safe because Jack is with him now. Jack loses consciousness and is out.


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