Season 6
The Candidate
The Candidate
Season 6 | Episode 614 | Aired 05/03/2010

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On Hydra island: Locke's group
- Locke takes Jack to Hydra island to rescue his friends, who have been captured by Widmore and locked in the polar bear cages
- Jack doesn't trust Locke, but Locke says he could've killed Jack and his friends at any time and hasn't; in fact, Locke saved Jack's life
- Jack agrees to help
- The smoke monster attacks Widmore's team and kills most of them
- Jack unlocks the cages and lets out Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Sun, Jin, Claire and Lapidus
- Sayid tells them Locke is waiting for them at the plane
- Locke tells them the plane has been rigged with explosives and shows them a brick of C-4 he found inside; they decide to take Widmore's sub
- Sawyer tells Jack to make sure Locke doesn't get on the sub with them
- Sawyer, Jin, Hurley and Lapidus take over the sub
- Jack punches Locke and pushes him into the water
- Kate and Claire are getting in when Widmore's men try to stop them
- Kate is shot in the shoulder
- Jack and Sayid get Kate inside while Claire provides cover fire
- Sawyer closes the hatch and orders them to leave
- Claire is upset that they're leaving without her, but Locke tells her she doesn't want to be on that sub
- Jack can't find a first aid kit for Kate, and in his pack finds the C-4 inside rigged to a timer and ready to blow
- Jack tells them nothing will happen
- Sawyer doesn't trust Jack and pulls out two wires to stop it
- The timer speeds up; Sawyer realizes he armed it to explode
- Sayid tells them about Desmond in the well and then runs away as the C-4 detonates
- Jack finds two small oxygen tanks; Hurley takes Kate out with one and Jack takes Sawyer out with the other
- Sun is trapped underneath a cabinet and Jin stays with her; they die together holding each other's hands
- Kate and Hurley, Jack and Sawyer make it back to the main island

Flash sideways:
- Locke wakes up from surgery, and Jack tells him everything went well
- Jack saw Locke's original spinal injury and says Locke is a candidate for a new procedure that could allow him to walk again
- Locke doesn't want the surgery; Jack asks why, but Locke won't tell him
- Jack discovers that Anthony Cooper was in the original accident with Locke
- Jack tracks down Anthony Cooper at a nursing home and discovers he's paralyzed from the neck down
- Claire visits Jack at the hospital and asks about a music box their father left her; Jack doesn't know what it means
- Jack invites Claire to stay at his place because she's family
- Locke tells Jack about the accident: he was in a plane crash
- Locke had his pilot's license a week and begged his father to be his first passenger; the plane crashed and it was Locke's fault; and a man he loves more than anything will never walk or talk again
- Jack tells Locke he can punish himself all he wants but what happened, happened; Locke needs to let it go


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