Season 6
The Candidate
The Candidate
Season 6 | Episode 614 | Aired 05/03/2010

[quote-left]Close on an eye and it flickers open. John Locke looks up into Jack's face, and he says he knows him. Jack says yes, they were on the same flight from Sydney together. They met in baggage claim. Jack explains a car ran Locke down, and Locke just came out of surgery. Jack then tells Locke that when he was operating, he got a look at the original injury to Locke's spine. He wants to know how it happened. Locke asks why, and Jack explains he thinks Locke's a candidate for a new procedure that could restore feeling in his legs. Locke could even walk again. So if Locke will give him a shot, Jack thinks he can fix him. Locke says no, and before Jack can protest, Helen walks in. She's happy to see Locke. When she notices Jack, she gives him a big hug, thanking him for saving Locke.

WHOOOSH to Hydra island at night. Sawyer, Kate, Sun, Hurley, Claire and Lapidus are Widmore's prisoners and are being marched into the polar bear cages. Another team is setting up the portable pylons around the perimeter. Sawyer manages to get a rifle away from one of the men, but Widmore fires off a gunshot and everyone stops. He orders Sawyer to drop the gun or he'll kill Kate. Sawyer doesn't believe him, but Widmore says he has a list of names. Ford, Reyes and the Kwons are on it – but not Kate Austen. It doesn't matter to him if she lives or dies. Kate tells Sawyer not to listen to him, but Sawyer drops his gun and they're locked in the cages. Widmore asks if the fence is live yet, and one of the guys says it will be in an hour. Widmore orders them to move faster – he's coming!

WHOOOSH to Bernard's dentist office as Jack walks in. He explains that he has a patient named John Locke, and his records show that Bernard performed some emergency oral surgery on him three years ago. Bernard asks what Jack is looking for exactly, and Jack says he wants to know how Locke was hurt. Bernard asks why he's interested, and Jack says they met over a week ago on the same flight from Australia. Then yesterday he was run down in the street, and Jack was the one called in to do the surgery on him. It's almost like their meetings are happening for a reason. And Jack doesn't know why, but he just felt like he could help Locke. Bernard tells Jack that he and he wife, Rose, sat across the aisle from Jack on the flight from Australia. Rose said Jack was flirting with her while he was in the bathroom. Pretty weird coincidence, huh? Bernard says he can't break patient confidentiality, but he can tell Jack that when he treated Locke, there was another man with him: Anthony Cooper. Bernard wishes Jack good luck. He hopes Jack finds what he's looking for.


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