Season 6
The Candidate
The Candidate
Season 6 | Episode 614 | Aired 05/03/2010

The timer stops... and then BEEEEP! The countdown resumes three times as fast! Sawyer looks at Jack and realizes he just made the single biggest mistake of his entire life. Sayid tells them to listen to him carefully. There's a well a half mile southwest of the camp they left. Desmond is inside it. Locke wants him dead, which means they need him. And then Sayid takes off running down the corridor away from them! He comes to a bend, follows it around – and then KAAA-THWOOOOM!!!

The bomb goes off! The sub rocks violently, and everyone is thrown off their feet. Water rushes in. Sawyer and Jack realize that Sayid just blew up! Sawyer asks where is everybody? Hurley is there in shock. Water is now around their knees. Kate is unconscious in the water. Jack picks her up and turns her over. Jin calls out – Sun is pinned under a toppled cabinet. Jin and Sawyer try to lift it, but it's too heavy and wedged in. It won't budge.

[quote-left]Jack sees a cabinet marked emergency evacuation and opens it. Inside are two small scuba tanks with regulators. He gives one to Hurley and tells him to get Kate out. Hurley wants to go after Sayid, but Jack says there is no more Sayid. Kate is shot and needs his help. They can share the tank and buddy-breathe. Hurley takes Kate and the oxygen tank and leaves. Jack goes to Sawyer and Jin and tries to help pull the cabinet off Sun. It still won't move. Sun watches in terror – and then another hull in the sub collapses. A metal air scrubber falls and hits Sawyer on the head. He falls into the chest-deep water unconscious. Sun tells Jin to save himself. Jin says no, he's getting her out of there. Jin tells Jack to save Sawyer. Jack knows what Jin is doing and that his only choice is to save Sawyer, so he takes the second scuba tank and dives into the water with Sawyer. Sun tells Jin he has to go, but Jin says he won't leave her. He'll never leave her again. He takes her hand and says he loves her. She says she loves him, too, and they kiss as the water rises above their faces. [quote-right]Soon the room is flooded, and Sun and Jin's hands float there for a beat still clutching each other... and then their hands slowly release from each other and drift apart.


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