Season 6
The Candidate
The Candidate
Season 6 | Episode 614 | Aired 05/03/2010

[quote-left]WHOOOSH to the hospital as an orderly wheels Locke out of his room. The orderly asks if someone is meeting Locke, and he says yes, his finacée. Jack rushes up to say good-bye. Then Jack says he went to see Locke's father. When Locke didn't want the surgery, Jack needed to understand why. Locke says he was in a plane crash. He had his private pilot's license for a week and begged his dad to be his first official passenger. His dad was afraid of flying, but Locke looked him in the eye and said he could trust him. They barely got off the ground. Locke still doesn't know what he did wrong, but it was his fault. His fault that a man he loved more than anything will never walk or talk again. Jack reminds Locke of what he said when they met at the airport – Locke told Jack his father was gone. It hurt to hear but Locke was right. And Locke's father is gone, too. Locke can punish himself all he wants, but it won't bring his father back. Locke asks what makes Jack think letting go is so easy, and Jack says it's not. He doesn't really know how to do it himself, but he was hoping Locke could be the first to go. Locke is taken by Jack's honesty and sincerity but can't do it. He says good-bye and wheels away. Desperate, Jack calls out after him that he can help him. He wishes Locke would believe him. Locke stops, considers it but wheels away.

WHOOOSH to the island as Jack struggles out of the surf pulling an unconscious Sawyer behind him. Kate and Hurley are there and run down the beach towards him. Jack says Sawyer is okay. He hit his head pretty hard but he's breathing. Kate asks about Sun and Jin, but Jack shakes his head. Kate starts to cry. Hurley holds her, tears streaming down his own face. Jack watches them cry, then walks into the surf, unable to hold back his own grief, and stares off into the dark distance at Hydra island.

On the Hydra island dock, Locke stands at the end staring at the main island. Claire is a few feet away, clutching her knees and crying. You'd think as loud as Jack is shouting you'd hear him, but it's very quiet here. Only the sound of the breeze and the lapping waves as we push in on Locke... and he looks angry.


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