Season 6
Across the Sea
Across the Sea
Season 6 | Episode 615 | Aired 05/10/2010

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- Claudia washes up on the island, shipwrecked and very pregnant
- Mother helps her give birth to twin boys
- Mother kills Claudia and raises the boys as her own
- Mother tells Jacob and the Boy in Black the island is the only place in the world
- A 13-year-old Boy in Black finds a senet game and teaches a 13-year-old Jacob how to play it
- Hunting boar, Jacob and his brother discover other people living on the island
- Claudia appears to the Boy in Black and tells him she is his mother and the other people on the island are his people who shipwrecked there
- The Boy in Black leaves to go live with his people and find a way off the island
- 30 years later, Jacob discovers the Man in Black and his people are digging wells trying to find a way to leave
- Mother knocks the Man in Black unconscious and kills all the people in his village
- Mother performs a ceremony and Jacob becomes the protector of the island
- The Man in Black regains consciousness, sees what Mother did, and kills her
- Jacob throws the Man in Black into the heart of the island and creates the smoke monster
- Jacob leaves the bodies of his mother and his brother in the caves


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