Season 6
Across the Sea
Across the Sea
Season 6 | Episode 615 | Aired 05/10/2010

A young woman, Claudia, clings to a jagged piece of boat hull as the waves carry her ashore. She gets up, and we see that she's very pregnant. Claudia is sunburned, parched and dazed. She wears a toga-like gown that's wet and ragged, and she's got a bad gash on her leg. She stumbles into the jungle and finds a stream, gulping the fresh water -- and sees a reflection in the stream of another woman. The other woman looks to be in her late 40s and wears worn, hand-made clothing from an undetermined distant age. She speaks Latin to Claudia and offers to help her. Claudia thanks her.

The woman takes Claudia to a cave where she lives. Claudia asks where the rest of the woman's people are, and the woman says she's alone. Claudia is concerned about the other people on her ship. She needs to go find them. The woman comforts Claudia and says if they're on the island, she'll find them. Just then contractions wrack Claudia's body and she goes into labor. The woman helps Claudia give birth to a son, whom Claudia says she'll name Jacob. But it isn't over -- there's a second baby, another boy. The woman swaddles Jacob in light colored rags and the second baby in darker rags. Claudia is excited but weary. She says she only picked one name. She asks to see the second baby, but the woman picks up a rock and slams it down on Claudia's head, killing her. The babies cry, and the woman cradles them lovingly. This is Mother, and welcome to the origin story of Jacob and the Man in Black.

A 13-year-old Boy in Black finds a wooden box on the beach. He turns it over and hears something rattle inside. Excited, he takes the box and runs into the jungle. It's an ancient senet set. He inspects two of the stone pawns. One is black, the other is white. 13-year-old Jacob walks up and asks what it is. The Boy in Black says a game. You play it. Jacob asks how he knows, and the Boy in Black shrugs. It's obvious to him. He says he just knows. He'll teach Jacob how to play if he promises not to tell Mother. She'll just take it away. Jacob agrees, and we see that the two boys love each other dearly.


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