Season 6
Across the Sea
Across the Sea
Season 6 | Episode 615 | Aired 05/10/2010

At the cave, Mother works at a loom. And even though the boys are 13 years older, Mother doesn't appear to have aged a day. Jacob comes in, and Mother asks where his brother is. Jacob says down at the beach staring out at the ocean. Mother seems a little concerned about this. Jacob asks if he can help her. Mother briskly points to tangled thread to sort. She asks what they were doing at the beach. Jacob takes a moment, thinks about the promise he made his brother, and simply says they were walking. Mother asks him if he loves her, and Jacob says yes. Then, she says, tell her what happened.

Later, Mother joins the Boy in Black at the beach. And we can tell that he is clearly her favorite. He knows that Jacob told her what he found. Mother is good-natured and says that Jacob doesn't know how to lie. He's not like the Boy in Black. He asks her what he's like, and Mother says he's special. He smiles, clearly having great affection for her. He asks if he can keep the game, and Mother says of course. It's why she left it for him. The boy is surprised. The game came from her? Of course, where else would it come from, Mother asks. The Boy in Black says softly across the sea. Mother tells him there is nowhere else. The island is all there is. The Boy asks where they came from, and Mother says they came from her and she came from her mother. He asks where her mother is, and she says she's dead. The Boy asks what's "dead," and Mother says something he will never have to know about.

Cut to Jacob and the Boy in Black pursuing a boar through the jungle when it's suddenly killed by three men. There are other people on the island! Jacob is shocked, but the Boy in Black's eyes narrow. He confronts Mother about it. She is shocked and asks if the men saw them. The Boy in Black says no, and Jacob asks where they came from. They looked like them. Mother says, very seriously, that the men aren't like them. Those men don't belong there. She and the boys are there for a reason. The Boy in Black demands to know the reason, and Mother struggles with telling them, but she breaks down and tells them to come with her.


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