Season 6
Across the Sea
Across the Sea
Season 6 | Episode 615 | Aired 05/10/2010

Mother returns to the caves and wakes Jacob telling him it's time. She leads him through the jungle and bamboo field to the stream. Jacob realizes something happened, and Mother says she had to say good-bye to his brother. They reach the area with the underground opening and waterfall, and Mother says Jacob is going to protect it now. Jacob asks what's down there, and Mother says life, death, rebirth. It's the source. The heart of the island. She asks Jacob to promise one thing -- no matter what, he won't ever go down there. He asks if he would die, and Mother says it would be worse than dying. Much worse.

She reaches into her satchel and pulls out a wine bottle and a simple silver chalice. She mutters a prayer then pours some wine into the chalice. She offers the cup to Jacob and tells him to drink. Jacob asks what will happen if he does. Mother says Jacob will accept responsibility to protect this place as long as he can. And then he'll have to find his replacement. Jacob says he doesn't want to protect this place. She wanted it to be his brother, but he's all she has. Mother says it was always supposed to be Jacob. She sees that now and one day he'll see it, too. But until then, he doesn't really have a choice. Jacob takes the cup and drinks. There's no magic, no skyrockets, but maybe something deeper. Because when he looks up and meets Mother's eyes, it is a meeting of equals. Mother says now they are the same.

As dawn breaks, the Man in Black regains consciousness. He's outside the well, and the ladder is on the ground. Immediately he knows something is wrong. He looks in the well and sees that it's been filled in with stones. Then he sees a column of black smoke rising from the direction of his village. He runs towards it and finds the smoldering remains of his camp. It's all been burned to the ground. No more shelters. No more people. It's all gone. He realizes Mother killed everyone in their sleep and burned the place down. He finds the charred senet set amongst the ruins, and anger fills his face.


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