Season 6
Across the Sea
Across the Sea
Season 6 | Episode 615 | Aired 05/10/2010

At the caves, Mother returns to find the place trashed and her loom smashed. In the center is the burned senet set. She kneels down to inspect it -- and SCHLLIKKT! Mother looks down and sees the tip of dagger sticking out of her chest. Behind her the Man in Black withdraws the dagger. There's no shock, no pain. Only a weary look as she slumps over. He asks why she wouldn't let him leave, and Mother says because she loves him. He can tell she means it. Then she says thank you and dies. Behind him the Man hears something and turns. Jacob is standing there. He's stunned and asks what he did. Jacob grows angrier and charges his brother, punching him in the face! Again and again and again. Beating him brutally.

Jacob drags the Man in Black through the bamboo field towards the stream. The Man says Jacob can't kill him -- Mother made it that way. Jacob says not to worry, he isn't going to kill him. Jacob drags him to the underground opening with the waterfall and pushes him into the stream. The current catches the Man in Black and he is swept over the falls and down into the underground cavern. From below comes a rumbling, and we hear the bone-chilling howl of the monster! It's a feral cry of pain and boiling rage. The rumbling builds and the ground shakes -- and like a geyser going off, something blasts out of the crevice! It's black smoke. It billows above and then roils into the jungle. It happens so fast, and Jacob is knocked back.

He staggers out into the jungle a little afraid of his first encounter with the monster. He comes across another stream and washes the blood off his hands. As he looks up, he notices the body of his brother. Jacob looks around and sees that the stream burbles out from an overgrown embankment. He realizes that his brother's body was washed through the mysterious underground river cavern and emerged here. Jacob cradles his dead brother's body, picks it up and carries him back through the jungle to the caves. He places the body in the corner, and then gets the body of his dead mother and lays her beside him. He picks up two stone pawns from the senet game -- one black and one white -- and puts them in a pouch from around his waist. He places the pouch in his brother's hand -- and we realize Jacob's mother and brother, the Man in Black, are the Adam and Eve skeletons.

Jacob gently touches his brother's face and says good-bye.


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