Season 6
What They Died For
What They Died For
Season 6 | Episode 616 | Aired 05/17/2010

Here is your brief recap of "What They Died For." For the more detailed recap of this episode, go to the next page!

On the island: Locke's group:
- Locke finds Ben with Widmore and Zoe at the barracks
- Kills Zoe
- Threatens to kill Widmore's daughter, Penny, if Widmore doesn't tell him everything
- Learns from Widmore why Desmond is important
- Ben kills Widmore to prevent him from telling Locke everything
- Locke discovers that Desmond isn't dead and is missing from the well
- Reveals that he is going to destroy the island

On the island: Jack's group:
- Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley look for the well where Desmond is kept
- Jacob meets them and tells them everything about the island
- Jacob brought them all there so one of them could take his place
- Jacob chose them because they were alone, flawed and needed the island as much as it needed them
- One of them has to protect the light at the center of the island from ever going out
- Jacob doesn't want to chose one of them; he gives them the choice
- Jack says he'll do it
- Jacob performs the ceremony with Jack, and Jack becomes the protector of the island

Flash sideways:
- Ben sees Desmond at the school again and tries to stop him
- Desmond explains he's trying not to hurt Locke but to help him "let go"
- Desmond beats Ben, and Ben sees flashes of something but doesn't understand it
- Locke hears Ben's story and is moved by it
- Desmond turns himself in to the police; Sawyer puts him in a holding cage with Sayid and Kate
- Locke goes to the hospital and talks to Jack and says maybe what happened to him is happening for a reason; maybe Jack is supposed to fix him
- Ben is driven home by Alex and her mother, Danielle Rousseau
- Ben has dinner with Alex and Danielle, and there's a sweet, romantic spark between Ben and Danielle
- As Desmond, Kate and Sayid are being transported to county lockup, Ana Lucia lets them go
- Hurley drives up and takes Sayid with him; Desmond tells Kate they are going to a concert


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