Season 6
What They Died For
What They Died For
Season 6 | Episode 616 | Aired 05/17/2010

Jack and David eat breakfast and discuss the concert they're going to that evening when Claire comes in wishing them a good morning. Jack gets a call from Oceanic saying they located his dad's missing coffin. It'll be arriving in Los Angeles by the end of the day. Jack says thank you -- and we cut to a car and reveal the person on the other end of the phone is Desmond! He says Oceanic is sorry it's taken so long and hangs up.

[quote-left]WHOOOSH to the beach as Jack sews up Kate's wound with a makeshift needle and thread. Kate cries, telling Jack that Sun and Jin had a daughter. Her name is Ji Yeon, and Jin never even met her. Hot with anger, Kate says it was Locke who did that to them... They have to kill Locke. Jack looks at Kate with complete agreement and says he knows.

Sawyer stands on the shore, staring at a life jacket bobbing on the surf. Kate walks up next to him, and she doesn't even have to speak. She knows exactly what he's thinking. Hurley comes up next to them, and that's it -- no eulogy. No words to compound their loss. Then Jack softly says they should get going. Hurley asks where, and Jack says to find Desmond. Before Sayid died, he said Desmond was in a well and that Locke wanted him dead. And if Locke wants Desmond dead? Then they need him.

[quote-right]WHOOOSH to Locke in the school parking lot getting out of his van. One student waves and welcomes him back. But someone is watching him -- and it's Desmond. He puts his key in the ignition, revs the engine, and pops the car out of park. Is he going to run Locke over again? But right then Benjamin Linus THUMPS on his hood, shouting this is the man who hit Mr. Locke! Call the police! Desmond is up and out of the car -- he smashes his fist into Ben's face, who collapses on the hood. Desmond grabs him by the sweater and warns him to not get in his way. Ben says he won't let him hurt Mr. Locke again, but Desmond says he's not there to hurt him -- he's there to help him let go. Desmond punches Ben again -- and FLASH! Ben is on a dock in a marina, and a Desmond is straddling Ben, pulling his fist back to hit him in the face -- FLASH back to the school parking lot as Desmond punches Ben one last time and throws him to the side of the car into a puddle. Desmond gets in the car and screeches away as Ben stares at him, wondering what just happened to him.


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