Season 6
What They Died For
What They Died For
Season 6 | Episode 616 | Aired 05/17/2010

WHOOOSH to the island as Ben treks through the jungle. Miles and Richard Alpert are with him. They reach the barracks, deserted and creepy, and walk by the swing set when Miles abruptly stops. Blinks. Cocks his head. Something's happening. Ben asks what is it, and Miles is unsure what to tell Ben. Alpert says it's Alex. After Ben left the island, Alpert came back and buried her. Ben is surprised and overwhelmed. He thanks Alpert, and they continue on to his house. They go inside, and Ben moves the bookshelf to get to the secret room. He opens a safe, and inside are bricks of C-4. Are they looking to cripple the plane or blow it to hell? Alpert says blow it to hell. Ben says then they'd better take it all.

Then behind them they hear footsteps. They emerge from the secret room, rifles up, and find Zoe in the kitchen. Ben asks who she is, and behind him Widmore answers. He's the last man Ben thought he'd see on the island. Ben asks why Widmore is there. Widmore doesn't take Ben or his rifle seriously and tells Zoe to go to the docks to get their equipment from the outrigger... and then sink it. Widmore tells Ben to lower his gun. If Ben shoots him, his only chance of surviving will be gone. Alpert says they are getting explosives to blow up the plane, but Widmore says he's had the plane rigged with explosives since he got there. As usual, Ben is three steps behind. Ben asks how Widmore got back to the island, and Widmore says that Jacob invited him. Jacob visited him not long after they destroyed his freighter. He convinced Widmore of the error of his ways and told him everything he'd need to know for this exact purpose. Ben is incredulous and asks what "purpose." But then Zoe radios in and says Locke is coming! Widmore tells her to run back to the house. He then turns to Ben and says if they want to live, they'll have to hide.

[quote-left]WHOOOSH to the school nurse's office as she tends to Ben. His arm is in a sling and his face is bruised and cut. She leaves to get him an ice pack as Locke wheels in. He'd heard there was an incident in the parking lot. Ben says he got into a fight with the man who ran Locke down. He was back, attacked Ben... and then the strangest thing happened. Ben thinks he saw something. But Locke isn't listening. He's calling the police. Ben continues and says the man wasn't trying to hurt Locke but trying to get him to "let go." And for some reason Ben believed him. Those words hit Locke hard. Ben asks if Locke knows what the man was talking about, if it means something to Locke.

On the other end of the phone, an LAPD cop hangs up in frustration. He looks up from his desk as Desmond walks up and asks to see a detective. Cut to Sawyer and Miles are at their desks. Miles wants to know if Sawyer will go with him to a benefit at his dad's museum. It's the concert he's been talking about. Sawyer asks if Charlotte will be there, and Miles says yes. Sawyer passes. The cop leads Desmond over to them, and Desmond explains that there was a hit and run at a school a couple days ago, and this morning a man was badly beaten by the same suspect. He's the suspect, and he's there to turn himself in. Sawyer locks Desmond in a holding cage with Sayid. In the cage next to them is Kate. Desmond smiles at them, very much exactly where he wants to be.


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