Season 6
What They Died For
What They Died For
Season 6 | Episode 616 | Aired 05/17/2010

WHOOOSH to the LAPD holding cage as Kate, Sayid and Desmond are taken out and put in a van for transport to county lock up. In the back as they drive, Desmond tells Sayid and Kate he thinks it's time to leave. Are they ready to get out of there? Kate asks if he's just going to tell the driver to stop, and Desmond says the driver already knows where to stop. And when that happens, they're going to have to give him their trust. Because after he sets them free, he's going to ask them to do something for him, and they have to promise to do it. Will they do that? Do they agree? Kate and Sayid say yes. The van skids to a halt, and Ana Lucia opens the door. Hurley pulls up behind her in his Hummer and hands her an envelope of money. She leaves, and Hurley asks why she's not going with them? Desmond says she's not ready. Hurley points to a nearby car, his Camaro, and says he brought it for Desmond. The key's under the floormat, and everything he needs is in the trunk. Hurley takes Sayid and leaves. Desmond opens the trunk and hands Kate a beautiful cocktail dress. They're going to a concert.

[quote-right]WHOOOSH to the island as Jacob talks to Jack. He explains that beyond the bamboo field where Jack woke up when he first got to the island and across a ridge is the heart of the island. That's where the light is, and that's what Jack has to protect. Jack says past the bamboo there's nothing there. Jacob says there is, and Jack will be able to get there now. Jacob asks for a cup, and Jack pulls out a metal cup from the sub that washed up on shore. Jacob says a prayer under his breath and fills the cup with water. He tells Jack to drink it. Jack asks how long he is going to have this job, and Jacob says as long as he can. Jack takes that leap of faith and drinks from the cup. Once again no magic. No skyrockets. Just this simple ceremony. Jacob places his hand on Jack's shoulder and says now he's like him.

[quote-left]Locke and Ben trek through the jungle. Ben asks why Locke walks if he can turn into smoke whenever he wants. Locke says he likes the feel of his feet on the ground. Reminds him that he was human. They cut through the brush and into a clearing with the well. Locke says they're here. Locke looks into the well and sees that it's empty. He says this is where he had Desmond and told Sayid to kill him. Obviously he didn't. Ben looks at the rope hanging over the side and says it looks like someone helped Desmond out, but Locke says someone helped me out. Ben is confused. Locke explains that Desmond was a fail-safe, Jacob's last resort if Locke managed to kill all of his candidates. Locke is going to find Desmond, and Desmond is going to help Locke do the one thing he could never do by himself. Locke is going to destroy the island.


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