Season 6
The End
The End
Season 6 | Episode 617 | Aired 05/22/2010

Here is your brief recap of the series finale, "The End." For the more detailed recap of this episode, go to the next page!

On the island: Locke's group:
- Finds Desmond with Rose and Bernard; threatens to kill them if Desmond doesn't go with him
- Meets Jack's group and treks to the bamboo forest together
- Lowers Desmond into the cavern to the heart of the island
- Desmond moves the stone from the pool in the cavern
- Jack discovers Locke is mortal now and he can be hurt
- Earthquakes rip the island apart and it starts to heat up inside the cavern
- Locke knocks Jack unconscious and runs away
- Jack and Locke fight on the cliff
- Kate kills Locke, and Jack kicks him over the cliff

On the island: Jack's group:
- Sawyer discovers Desmond is missing from the well
- Treks to the bamboo forest
- Meets Locke's group and continues with them
- Kate and Sawyer take the Elizabeth sailboat to Hydra island
- Jack, Hurley and Ben return to the heart of the island
- Jack sacrifices himself to return the stone to the center of the pool and stop the island's destruction
- Jack's body washes out of the cavern, and he stumbles to the bamboo forest
- Jack dies as he watches the Ajira plane fly away off the island

On the island: Alpert's group:
- Miles finds Alpert in the jungle and he's okay
- They paddle over to Hydra island to blow up the Ajira plane
- Discovers Lapidus alive in the ocean clinging to life preservers
- They decide to fly the plane off the island since Lapidus is a pilot
- Lapidus makes the necessary repairs and starts the plane
- Kate promises to help Claire raise Aaron, and Claire joins Kate and Sawyer
- Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Alpert, Miles and Lapidus take off in the plane

Flash sideways:
- Oceanic delivers Jack's father's coffin to the church
- Hurley shoots Charlie with tranquilizer and drops him off backstage
- Miles sees Sayid and warns Sawyer; tells him to check on Sun at the hospital
- Sun and Jin meet Juliet; Sun and Jin experience flashes of their lives on the island
- Hurley arranges for Sayid to meet Shannon; they experience flashes of their lives on the island
- Drive Shaft performs at the concert; Charlie sees Claire in the audience
- Claire goes into labor, and Kate helps her deliver baby Aaron
- Kate, Claire and Charlie experience flashes of their life on the island
- Juliet meets Sawyer at the hospital, experience flashes of their island life
- Locke wakes up from surgery and sees flashes of his life on the island
- Jack arrives late to the concert and talks to Kate
- Kate takes Jack to the church
- Jack speaks to Christian and experiences flashes of his life on the island
- Everyone meets inside the church and moves on together


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