Season 6
The End
The End
Season 6 | Episode 617 | Aired 05/22/2010

Okay, ladies and gentlemen. This is the final episode of LOST. Let's bring it home with an old school season one montage. No, not a montage -- it's an overture. We see the people we've come to care about over the last six seasons on the island and in the sideways -- moments that reveal who they are... who they were... who they could've been. Back and forth. Character to character.

Jack is in his office at St. Sebastian looking at Locke's x-ray. Then cut to Jack on the island kneeling by a stream, splashing water on his face. Newly anointed by Jacob.

Ben Linus at home in the sideways making a cup of tea. Then cut to Ben on the island, freaked out as he loads his rifle. He looks over his shoulder and sees --

Locke standing at the edge of the empty well focused on the rope someone used to help Desmond out. Cut to Locke in a hospital room lying on a gurney being prepped for surgery. As he's wheeled out of the room, his eyes fix on his wheelchair in the corner.

LAPD Detective James Ford washing his hands and looking at his reflection in the broken mirror. Cut to Sawyer on the island checking the dressing on Kate's gunshot wound.

[quote-right]WHOOOSH to Kate in Hurley's Camaro in a black cocktail dress. Waiting. Desmond signs for the coffin and directs the Oceanic driver to unload it through the back church door. He gets in the Camaro, but Kate has had enough. He busts her out of jail, makes her put on the dress for some concert, and he won't tell her why they're there. Desmond interrupts her and says no one can tell her why she's there. And he's not talking about the church -- he's talking about here. Kate asks what he wants. Desmond says he's her friend and all he wants is to leave. Where? Desmond says he'll show her, and he drives off.


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