Season 6 Episode 1 LA X (Parts 1 and 2)

02/01/10 Season 6 TV-14 L, V

"LA X, Part 1"

On the island: Swan station implosion crater:

- Jack's group is back on the island but no longer in 1977. Sawyer is angry at Jack's plan because it didn't work.
- Kate hears Juliet buried in the debris, and they help get her out.
- Jacob talks to Hurley and tells him he has to save Sayid. They need to take Sayid to the Temple to save him, and everyone will be safe there.
- Sawyer finds Juliet, but she dies in his arms.

On the island: Foot statue beach:
- Locke needs to talk to Richard Alpert and tells Ben to go get him.
- Sun and Lapidus don't trust Ilana, Bram and their group.
- Richard shows Ben the corpse of John Locke, and Ben is shocked to see it.
- Bram attacks Locke inside the statue, but Locke turns into the smoke monster and kills Bram and his men.

Flash sideways:
- Oceanic flight 815 experiences turbulence but goes through it and doesn't rip apart. Everyone is strangers to each other. Jack doesn't know who anyone is.
- Jack finds Desmond sitting in his aisle and thinks he looks familiar.
- Charlie almost dies after he swallowed a baggie of heroin, but Jack saves him.
- Oceanic flight 815 safely lands in Los Angeles.

Juliet smashes the bomb with a rock WAAA-BOOM! The cavern flashes white and the screen washes out – and then a familiar hum begins to rise in the whiteness. An image fades in as we pull back to see a majestic blue sky. We pull back further through a window and we finally recognize the sound because –

We're inside a plane. It's the sound of the plane's engine. Looking out the window is Jack Shephard. He blinks, a moment of disorientation. A flight attendant asks him about his drink. In a familiar conversation, Jack tells her it's not very strong, and Cindy secretly gives him another bottle of vodka. Then – KHWOOM! Turbulence hits. The plane shakes and rocks – is this the moment it's going to be ripped in half? And suddenly – the plane stabilizes. Across the aisle, Rose tells Jack it's okay, he can let go now. Jack realizes he was clutching his armrest. He lets go as the pilot announces they will have a smooth ride into Los Angeles. Bernard returns to his seat from being in the bathroom and jokes that next time he's going to hold it.

Jack gets up and goes back to the bathroom himself. When Jack returns to his seat, he finds another man sitting there. It's Desmond, but these two men don't know each other. They're strangers. Desmond apologizes and says the man next to him has been snoring since they left Sydney. Wait – Desmond got on the plane at Sydney? The stewardess told him the seat wasn't taken, and he asks if it's okay if he sits there. Jack's says sure and slides into his seat, studying the strangely familiar man. Desmond asks if something is wrong, and Jack asks if they know each other from somewhere. Desmond says he's not sure.

Jack looks out the window, and the camera floats out and then tilts down. We can see the ocean below. Suddenly, we start to drop through the clouds and rocket towards the surface – then SPLSSSSSH! We plunge underwater past schools of fish and see something on the ocean floor. It's trees. Then we see the pylons and the barracks, and then the four-toed statue lying on the ocean floor. And that could only mean one thing – the island has sunk.

What? Why? How? Well, guess we might just have to actually answer those questions this time because it's the final season of LOST, ladies and gentlemen. You've seen the beginning, you've made it through the middle, so let's get to the end.

On the island, Kate regains consciousness. She's dazed and disoriented. Her ears are ringing and sounds are muffled. She starts to sit up – and realizes she's perched on a tree branch high off the jungle floor! She makes her way down and calls out. Suddenly a hand lands on her shoulder. Instinctively, she throws the person down on the ground – but it's Miles in his Dharma jumpsuit. And he just as confused as she is. Kate sees something through the vines and pushes them aside. It's a stenciled Dharma Initiative logo with the Swan station image. She says they're back on the island.

She takes off through the jungle and finds the clearing of what's left of the Swan station after Desmond blew it up – the implosion crater. Miles says they're not in 1977 anymore. Jack and Sawyer are out cold lying on the edge of the crater in their Dharma jumpsuits. Kate helps bring Jack to, and Jack is surprised to see where they are. He's confused and immediately thinks he's failed. And then WHAM! Sawyer is awake and kicks Jack in the face, sending him tumbling down the into the crater. Sawyer's eyes burn with pure rage.

Jack was wrong! It's the Swan station blown up – just like they left it. Jack told them if they exploded the bomb, they could stop the station from ever being built so their plane wouldn't crash, but here they are anyway. Back where they started... except Juliet is dead because Jack was wrong. Jack knows it's true and can only say he's sorry. He thought it would work.

We WHOOOSH to Kate on Oceanic flight 815. She's coming out of the lavatory and bumps into Jack. But again here they're strangers. They don't know each other. Jack watches as the Marshal escorts Kate back to their seats. A flight attendant hands Kate and the Marshal a meal, but he takes away her utensils. No knife and fork for her. Kate glares at him with pure hatred.

A man in the aisle accidently bumps into the Marshal, and he tells the guy to watch where he's going. The guy apologizes, and it's Sawyer. He sees Kate, and gives her the once over like it's the very first time he's seen her. He grins at her, but Kate ignores him. Sawyer continues on to his row and listens as Arzt recognizes Hurley from the Mr. Cluck's and asks about it. Hurley says he won the lottery and bought the company. Sawyer tells Hurley he shouldn't tell people that he won the lottery because they'll take advantage of him. Hurley says that's not going to happen. Nothing bad ever happens to him – he's the luckiest guy alive.

WHOOSH back to the island where Hurley, the unluckiest guy alive, is leaning up against a Dharma van cradling Sayid, who has been shot in the gut and is bleeding out. Jin thinks they moved through time again because of the white flash and headache. Hurley asks if the rest did, too, but Jin doesn't know. They took one of the other Dharma vans up to the construction site, then he heard gunfire. They hear someone shouting and realize it's Sawyer yelling.

Jin takes off and arrives at the crater to find everyone arguing. Sawyer is still outraged, yelling at Jack. Kate and Miles are trying to calm him down. Jin tells Jack that Sayid needs help. They start arguing again when Kate hears something. It's Juliet, buried beneath the rubble. She's alive and calling out for help! They remove the debris to help get Juliet out, but Jack and Sawyer can't move a heavy steel beam. Sawyer remembers the van has chains in it, and Jin runs back to get the van.

At the van, Hurley tries to assure Sayid that help is on the way. Sayid asks when he dies what Hurley thinks will happen to him. He's tortured more people than he can remember. He's lied. Murdered. Wherever he's going, it isn't going to be pleasant. He deserves it. Sayid drifts off into unconsciousness as Hurley hears something rustling. He grabs a gun out of the van and shouts a warning. But then Jacob walks out of the jungle and says hello. He calmly asks Hurley if he's got a minute.

At the beach near the four-toed foot statue, Sun and Lapidus watch as Richard Alpert has a heated exchange with Ilana and Bram. Even though they claim to be the good guys, Sun and Lapidus don't know whether to trust Ilana's group or not.

WHOOSH to Oceanic 815 with Sun and Jin. Sun watches Rose and Bernard interact with an easy intimacy and obviously in love. Jin sees her staring and tells her to button up her sweater. In another row, Locke introduces himself to Boone. Boone explains that he went down to Sydney to get his sister out of a bad relationship, but it turned out she didn't want to get out of it so he's flying back alone. Locke says he went to Australia to go on a walkabout. They spent ten days in the outback with nothing but their own packs and knives, sleeping under the stars and hunting their own food. Boone laughs and says he wouldn't make it two days without his cell phone.

WHOOSH back to the island inside the four-toed foot statue where Locke, or whatever John Locke has become, reaches down and picks up a knife off the floor. It's the knife that Ben used to stab and kill Jacob. Locke uses the knife to cut off a corner of a tapestry and slips the piece into his pocket. He looks over to Ben, who is staring into the fire. Locke tells him Jacob is gone. Ben is shocked that Jacob didn't fight back. Why didn't he fight back? Locke suggests that Jacob knew he was beaten. He then sends Ben out to get Richard. Locke needs to talk to him.

Outside on the beach, Richard explains to Ilana and Bram that no one goes in to see Jacob unless they're invited. Ilana says they were invited. Ben interrupts them and tells Richard that Locke wants to see him. Richard asks what happened, and Ben says everything is fine. Ilana asks if Jacob is all right, and Ben lies. Of course Jacob's okay. Richard is angry. Locke wants to talk to him? He grabs Ben and drags him over to John Locke's dead body and throws him down on the sand next to it. Maybe Ben should talk to him first. Ben is at first confused by the corpse lying there, but then looks at Richard in outright shock as the implication sinks in.

Jacob explains to Hurley that he died about an hour ago and only Hurley will be able to see him. Jacob tells Hurley that he has to take Sayid to the Temple to save him. It's the only chance that Sayid will have, and everyone will be safe there. Jin knows where the Temple is – he went there with the French team. And does Hurley still have the guitar case Jacob gave him in the cab? Hurley says yes. Jacob tells him to bring it, too.

WHOOOSH to the plane as Cindy makes an announcement asking for a doctor. Jack volunteers, and she takes him to a bathroom. A passenger went into there over half an hour ago and he's not responding when they knock. Sayid also shows up and helps kick in the door. Inside, they find Charlie Pace, and he's not breathing! Jack realizes something is blocking his airway. He needs something sharp – a razor... He rifles through his pockets. He had a pen but can't find it... With no other option, he jams his fingers down Charlie's throat... and removes a plastic baggie with brown powder inside. Charlie gasps, sucking in air. Jack tells him to relax. He's alive. Charlie looks disappointed and simply says, "Terrific."

WHOOOSH back to the island as Jin drives the van to the crater. Hurley asks if Jin remembers a wall with a hole in it that he went to with the French team. Jin is surprised Hurley knows about it and says yeah. He could find it again. They drive up to the crater and attach the chain to the beam. Sawyer can't hear Juliet anymore, and he tells Jack that if she dies, he's going to him. They move steel beam, and Sawyer descends into wreckage. He finds Juliet's limp body underneath a pile of debris. Her eyes flicker open and she sees all the wreckage around her. She knows it didn't work. She hit the bomb but they're all still there. Sawyer is surprised she hit the bomb, and Juliet says she wanted him to be able to go home... to never have to come to this damn island... Sawyer promises her she's going to be okay and that they'll leave the island together.

At the foot statue, Bram decides he's not waiting any longer. He takes Ben and three men inside. Locke guesses that they are Jacob's "bodyguards," but since Jacob is dead, there is nothing left for them to protect. They are free to go. Bram shoots Locke, and Locke ducks behind a pillar. Bram looks around the pillar, but Locke is gone. All he finds is a dented bullet slug on the ground.

And then they hear it – the TIKKA-TIKKA-TIKKA sound of the monster. The smoke monster flashes and roils violently, then attacks! Bullets fly harmlessly through the smoke as it grabs a man and sends him flying through the open roof into the night sky. It grabs the other two men and smashes them into each other with a bone-crunching THUD! Bram pulls out a bag and pours a protective circle of ash around him. The smoke monster can't breach the circle. It slams into the ceiling, knocking a piece of the stone off and throws it at Bram! He's knocked out of the circle. The smoke monster grabs Bram and flings him across the room into the Jacob's loom. A piece of wood gouges him through the chest. Ben cowers in his hiding place, petrified. When it's quiet, he heads out but suddenly stops when he realizes someone is behind him. He turns, and there stands Locke, who tells him, "I'm sorry you had to see me like that."

Sawyer manages to get Juliet free of the metal and holds her in his arms. She's barely clinging to consciousness. She looks into Sawyer's eyes and asks Sawyer to kiss her. He does, gently, and she then tells him he needs to know something important... But then she goes still. Juliet is dead. Sawyer cradles her in his arms and carries her body out. He looks up at Jack and tells him he did this.

WHOOOSH to Oceanic flight 815 as Jack returns to his seat and discovers Desmond is gone. No one knows where he went. Then the captain announces their final descent into Los Angeles, and everyone prepares for landing. Hurley smiles – almost home. Sun looks over a Jin, but he's staring down at a very expensive watch in an ornate box. Sayid is somber and looks a photo of Nadia. Locke sits quietly, impassive.

The landing gear deploys and the plane approaches the runway. Then an event we never in a million years thought would ever happen occurs – Oceanic flight 815 touches down at LAX. The plane slows and taxis to the gate.

Before anyone can get off, three LAPD cops board and make their way down the aisle. Kate steels herself... except they continue past her, moving instead to Charlie. Sitting in the back and monitored by a crew member. The cops take his guitar and luggage and escort him off the plane. Then everyone disembarks... except for Jack and Locke. He sits in his seat, waiting as everyone passes by. Jack watches as two crew members approach with a narrow airplane wheelchair. Together they lift Locke up and gently place him in the chair. Jack walks off the plane, and then Locke is wheeled out, too. Welcome to Los Angeles.

"LA X, Part 2"

On the island: at the Temple:
- Jack, Kate, Hurley and Jin take Sayid to the Temple and meet the Temple master, Dogen.
- Dogen tries to save Sayid, but it's too late and he dies.
- Sawyer and Miles bury Juliet but then are captured by the Others and brought to the Temple.
- Hurley tells Dogen that Jacob is also dead, and the Others go in lockdown mode, fortifying the Temple and sending out warnings.
- Sayid sits up and asks what happened, shocking everyone who thought he was dead.

On the island: Foot statue beach:
- Ben asks Locke what exactly he is; Locke ignores him and says he wants to go home
- They go out and confront Richard Alpert and Ilana's group; Locke punches Richard unconscious and tells everyone he's disappointed with them.
- Locke leaves and takes Richard with him.

Flash sideways:
- At LAX customs, Jack is informed that the coffin with his father's body in it is missing. Oceanic doesn't know where it is.
- Kate attacks the Marshal and knocks him out, escaping.
- Kate runs out of the airport and carjacks a taxi with Claire inside it.
- Jack meets John Locke at the Oceanic missing baggage counter and gives Locke his card for a free consultation.

It's now day at the Swan station crater. Jack and Jin get a stretcher from the van to carry Sayid, who is looking worse by the minute. Sawyer is staying behind to bury Juliet. Kate offers to help, but Sawyer says no. He asks Miles to help. Kate tells him they'll leave a trail, but Sawyer says he isn't following anybody. Jack, Kate, Hurley and Jin leave with Sayid. Sawyer and Miles start digging Juliet's grave.

WHOOOSH to LAX immigration. An announcement asks for Jack Shephard to come to the courtesy desk. Jack goes over to the Oceanic desk, and a representative tells him there has been a mix-up involving the coffin. It appears that it was never put on the plane in Sydney. Jack is upset – the funeral is in two hours. When is it getting to the airport? The rep can't tell him that because they're not sure exactly where it is.

WHOOOSH to the Temple wall as they approach the declivity. Jack asks how they're going to get Sayid over the top, and Hurley says they're taking him underneath it through the hole. Kate goes in first and helps them steer the stretcher down into the dark catacombs. Hurley finds a skeleton and asks why one of his arms is missing. Jin says it was ripped off. Hurley just looks at him. Well. This is gonna be awesome. They make their way deeper into the dark catacombs, Kate leading the way... and then they hear whispers. Jack realizes Kate is no longer in front. Jack runs through the tunnels looking for her and hears a struggle behind him. He goes back, and the rest of them are all gone, too! Suddenly, the ambush happens fast – and WHAM! Jack is knocked out.

Jack is being dragged through the tunnels as he wakes up. Kate, Hurley, Jin and Sayid are there with them – and they're being forced along by armed Others. They're pushed out into the open air by a small reflecting pond... and see an ancient structure with a ziggurat pyramid and stone steps climbing up. Hurley stares in awe and says he guesses they found the Temple.

WHOOOSH to LAX immigration as the Marshal leads Kate through. She asks to go to the bathroom, and he checks the nearby women's room. It's empty, and he gives her two minutes. Kate goes in a stall – and immediately sets to work getting free. She pulls out a pen and unscrews the top, slides out the rod inside – but the tiny spring slips from her fingers and rolls under the stall door. She quickly works the rod in the keyhole on her cuffs – when she hears the sink turn on. It's the Marshal standing outside the stall. Time's up. She says she's not done. The Marshal sees the spring and realizes something is up – when WHAM! Kate KICKS the door open, sending the Marshal stumbling back. Kate attacks, kicking him in the gut and then slamming his forehead into the edge of the sink! He's not unconscious but definitely out of it. Kate grabs his gun and takes his jacket off to find the keys – but two women walk into the bathroom. Kate quickly uses his jacket to hide her cuffs and tells the women this man just attacked her.

Kate runs out, knowing she only has a small head start. She sees an elevator closing and she dives for it. Inside is Sawyer. Well, well, well. He smiles at her. They were on the same plane. The jacket moves, and Sawyer sees the silver cuffs. Kate quickly re-positions the jacket over them. Ding! The elevator doors open again, and two TSA officers step on. A call comes over their walkies about her escape in the bathroom. On the ground floor, the elevator doors open – but Sawyer blocks their way. Ladies first. Kate realizes what he's doing, thanks him and hustles out.

WHOOOSH back to the island where Sawyer and Miles finish burying Juliet. Sawyer asks him what it was Juliet wanted to tell him. Miles doesn't understand. Sawyer says she had something to tell him, and he wants to know what it was. Miles is hurt. Is that the only reason Sawyer asked him to stay? Miles doesn't want to help, says it doesn't work that way, but Sawyer grabs him and forces him down right on top of her grave, face in the dirt. Miles goes into his trance and does his thing. Then he looks at Sawyer and says it worked. That's what Juliet wanted to tell him – it worked.

At the Temple, our group is met by Dogen. He's an imposing Japanese man, and it's clear he's in charge. He speaks to them in Japanese, and his interpreter, Lennon, translates for him. Who are they? A woman speaks up. It's Cindy, the flight attendant from 815. She tells Dogen they were on the first plane with her. Dogen is unhappy about it. He tells Lennon they're not allowed to see the Temple and orders them to be shot. Hurley immediately shouts out that Jacob sent them, and that stops Dogen. He tells Hurley to prove it. Hurley points to the guitar case and says Jacob gave it to him. Dogen opens the case, and inside is a large ankh. Dogen looks at it with reverence – and then snaps it in two over his knee! Inside is a piece of paper, and Dogen has each of them say their name. They can see that something larger and profound is happening. Dogen orders them inside and Sayid to be taken to the spring. Hurley asks what was on that paper, and Lennon explains that if they let Sayid die, they're all in a lot of trouble.

Inside the foot statue, Ben talks to Locke. He's shocked at having seen Locke turn into the smoke monster and kill Bram and his men. He also realizes Locke used Ben to kill Jacob. Locke says Ben should know that he was confused when Ben killed him. Ben doubts Jacob was confused, but Locke corrects him – not Jacob but John Locke. He didn't understand why Ben was killing him. But it's fitting. When John first came to the island, he was weak, pathetic and broken. But there was something admirable about him, too. He was the only one who didn't want to leave. But that's the great irony because he wants the one thing that John Locke didn't. He wants to go home.

WHOOOSH to customs as Jin's luggage is searched. The language barrier is a problem – Jin speaks no English and the customs officer doesn't speak Korean. Jin's frustration grows when the officer finds a bag filled with thousands of American dollars. Jin didn't declare it on his form. The customs official takes Jin away, and he doesn't understand what's going on. A female officer tells Sun if she understands English and this is just a misunderstanding, she should speak up now so things will be easier for her husband. But Sun only stares at her. The officer asks if Sun speaks English, and Sun shakes her head. No... English.

WHOOOSH back to the Temple as the Others carry Sayid across the courtyard and into the pool room. A natural spring bubbles up into an ancient room built around it with stairs leading down into the spring. Dogen kneels by the water, concerned. Something is wrong. Lennon asks why the water isn't clear, and Dogen says he doesn't know what happened. He pulls out a knife, slices his palm and holds it in the pool for a beat. When he removes it, it's still bleeding. Dogen frowns. He points to Sayid and asks who is responsible for this? Jack says he didn't shoot him but it's his fault. Dogen explains they will try to save Sayid, but there are risks. Jack tells them to do what they have to do.

Dogen directs some Others to take Sayid into the water as he turns over an hourglass filled with sand. Dogen nods – and the Others hold Sayid under the water. Jack reacts. Hurley asks if unconscious people can hold their breath. Jack says no. Sayid starts to spasm, jerking to get up, but the Others hold him under as the sand continues to fall. It's excruciating to watch. Jack tells them to let him up but they won't. The hourglass is half full. Hurley yells that they're drowning him! It's interminable, but then Sayid goes still as the sand empties. They pull Sayid up and lay him on the ground. Dogen leans over and listens. Sayid is dead.

WHOOOSH to LAX baggage claim. Kate scopes out the exits, but there are cops everywhere. Kate watches an employee cross to a locked door and enter a code. Kate sees what the code is, then after the door shuts runs over and enters the code again. The door opens, and she slips in. She runs down a back hallway and bursts outside. She's made it to freedom! But then she spots the Marshal down the way showing her mugshot to people. Kate spots a cab in front of her and dives into it. She jams the Marshal's gun into the cabbie's neck and tells him to go! Now! But there's already a person in the cab. Kate looks over and sees Claire, very pregnant, in the seat next to her. Kate doesn't know her and doesn't care – she tells the cabbie to GO, and he peels away.

WHOOOSH back to the Temple. Cindy, Zack and Emma bring in food and water. Then some Others bring in Sawyer and Miles. Sawyer is out cold. Miles tells Kate they were jumped in the jungle. Lennon walks over and tells Hurley to come with him. Hurley is taken to Dogen's chambers and questioned. Hurley tells them Jacob's instructions were to come here and they would save Sayid. Dogen says Sayid was beyond saving. Then Hurley realizes – Dogen understands English. Dogen says in English that he doesn't like the way English tastes on his tongue. He continues in Japanese and asks when Jacob is getting there. Hurley tells them that Jacob is dead. Dogen and Lennon are shocked but spring immediately into action. They run outside shouting orders, and the Others move into lockdown mode. A warning bell is sounded while a protective barrier of ash is poured along the periphery of the Temple. Dogen orders a man to send the warning. He lights a rocket that blasts off into the sky and explodes in a burst of fireworks. Hurley says he guesses they're not getting out now. Lennon tells him it's not to keep them in – it's to keep him out.

At the foot statue, Richard Alpert sees the fireworks and is immediately worried. He knows what it means. And then John Locke walks out of the foot. Richard tells Ilana not to shoot him. Locke walks over to Richard and says it's nice to see him out of those chains. Richard takes a step back, completely shocked. You? Locke nods. Me. And then BAM! Locke punches Richard in the throat! He goes down, gulping for air. Then KRAACK! Locke slams Richard's face into his knee, and Richard is out cold. Locke turns to face everyone, who looks on fearfully. Locke tells them he's very disappointed in all of them. He hefts Richard up on his shoulder and walks past everyone into the jungle... past the corpse of John Locke lying on the sand.

WHOOOSH to LAX at an Oceanic counter with Jack on the phone with his mom. He explains he scheduled the funeral so soon because he wanted to get it over with and never thought something like this could happen. He hangs up, and then a voice behind him asks what he lost. Jack turns around to see John Locke in a wheelchair. Locke says they lost one of his suitcases. Jack tells him they lost his father's coffin. That wasn't the answer Locke was expecting and gives his condolences. Jack explains it was supposed to go on the plane in Sydney but it didn't, and now it's somewhere in "transit." Locke says Jack's story beats his. He just lost some knives. Jack asks what happened to him and says he's a spinal surgeon. Locke explains that surgery isn't going to help. His condition is irreversible. Jack gives him a card and tells Locke to call him for an free consultation. Nothing's irreversible.

WHOOOSH back to the Temple as Sawyer regains consciousness. Kate explains that they're with the Others again, but this time they're protecting them. Kate sees Sawyer staring at Jack across the courtyard and says Jack was only trying to help. Sawyer says he's not going to kill Jack because he deserves to suffer on this rock just like the rest of them.

Lennon walks over and tells Jack that Dogen needs to speak to him privately. Jack tells him to either say it there or leave him alone. Lennon says they're going to have this conversation and it's not going to be here. The guards grab Jack and he fights them off. But then, in the background, a figure rises into frame. Hurley and Lennon gasp. Jack turns around to see Sayid sitting up, looking around. He has no idea where he is or who these people are. Jack can't believe it. Wasn't he dead? Sayid looks to Jack and says, "What happened?"

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