Season 6 Episode 3 What Kate Does

02/08/10 Season 6 TV-14 V

On the island: at the Temple:
- Dogen and Lennon "test" Sayid and realize he's infected.
- They give Jack a pill to give Sayid. Jack refuses to give it to him and takes it himself.
- Dogen forces Jack to spit the pill out and admits it's poison.
- Dogen is sure Sayid has been claimed by darkness because it also happened to Jack's sister.

On the island: tracking Sawyer:
- Sawyer leaves the Temple and tells Kate not to come after him.
- Kate goes after him anyway. Jin goes with her, along with two Others: Aldo and Justin.
- Kate finds Sawyer at his old house in the barracks. He blames himself for Juliet staying. She was going to leave the island, but he asked her to stay because he didn't want to be alone. He was going to propose to her.
- On his way back to the Temple, Jin steps into a bear trap while fleeing from Aldo and Justin, who are then shot. The person shooting at them is none other than Claire.

Flash sideways:
- Kate takes off in the cab and abandons Claire on a city street.
- She gets the handcuffs cut off and discovers baby items in Claire's suitcase.
- Feeling guilty, she goes back, picks up Claire and drives her to the adoptive couple's house.
- The couple can't adopt the baby, and Claire goes into contractions. Kate rushes her to the hospital.
- Dr. Ethan Goodspeed tends to Claire and gives her a shot to stop the contractions.
- Claire lies to the police about Kate, giving her a chance to get away.

Lennon runs into Dogen's chambers and tells Dogen that Sayid is alive! Hurley, Jack, Jin and Miles are surprised but happy that Sayid is alive. Sayid is a little light-headed but okay. He asks what happened, and Jack explains that he died. Kate doesn't understand how it's possible he's alive. Sawyer, thinking about Juliet, bitterly says of course an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids totally deserves another go 'round. Sawyer looks around and asks how many Others are guarding the place. Kate is confused, and Sawyer says he's going to run away.

WHOOOSH to Kate in a cab with Claire jamming the Marshal's gun into the cabbie's neck. The cabbie peels away – and almost runs over Arzt in a crosswalk. Kate tells him to keep driving and get them out of there! The cabbie drives on. Once they get out of the airport and into a residential area, Kate makes him pull over. As soon as the cab stops, the driver bolts out the door and runs away. Kate jumps in the driver's seat and takes off. She demands Claire's purse, then pulls over and forces Claire out of the cab. Kate takes off, leaving Claire crying on an unknown street corner in an unknown part of the city.

WHOOOSH back to the Temple as Hurley explains how they got there. Jack notices that Sayid's wound has completely closed. It's scabbed over like it happened weeks ago. Sayid thanks Jack for saving his life. Then Dogen comes out with Lennon and wants to talk to Sayid. Jack refuses to let him go. Dogen orders the guards to take him, and a scuffle ensues. Then BLAM! Gunshots rings out – it's Sawyer! He's holding a gun he just took from an Other. The guards turn their weapons on Sawyer, but Dogen shouts no! Lennon orders them to lower their guns and not to shoot. Sawyer tells everyone he's leaving. Dogen says Sawyer has to stay, and Sawyer says no, he doesn't. Then he looks right at Kate and tells her not to come after him.

After Sawyer leaves, it's chaos. Dogen has Sayid dragged back to his chambers, and Jack fights off the guards restraining him and goes after Lennon. Suddenly an Other jumps in and tells Jack to calm down. And yeah, this guy might look a bit familiar. It's Aldo, the Other guarding Room 23 three years ago whom Kate and Sawyer played the Wookiee prisoner trick to bust out Karl. Lennon asks Jack where Sawyer went, but Jack has no idea. Kate says she can get him back. Lennon okays it, and Aldo and another guy, Justin, go with her. Jack warns her about going alone after "these people," but Jin offers to go with her.

WHOOOSH to a Los Angeles chop shop as Kate drives in. She draws her gun on a mechanic and asks for a tire hammer. He calmly points out she can't hold the gun on him and get off those cuffs, so they make a deal. SNAP! SNAP! and the cuffs are off. He asks her why the bracelets, and Kate says she's wanted for murder. The mechanic looks at her. Kate asks for a bathroom to change. He points the way and tells her to make it quick. In the bathroom, Kate opens Claire's suitcase and finds baby clothes, bottles and a stuffed killer whale. It's a stark reminder of the pregnant woman she left behind, and Kate looks at herself in the mirror, clearly not liking what she sees.

WHOOOSH to the Temple as Sayid is strapped down to a table. Dogen blows ash on Sayid's wound and taps acupuncture needles connected to wires into his chest. Dogen connects the wires to an electrical device and turns it on! Sayid cries out in pain. Dogen examines the results in the machine's display and is confused. He turns off the machine, removes the needles – and takes a red-hot poker out of the fireplace and shoves it on top of his wound. Sayid convulses and screams in pure agony. Dogen finally removes the poker and instructs Lennon to tell him. Lennon apologizes to Sayid but says they had to put him through that test. He passed. Guards take Sayid back to the courtyard, leaving Lennon alone with Dogen. Lennon asks if he just lied to Sayid, and Dogen says yes.

WHOOOSH to the bus stop where Claire sits as Kate pulls up in the cab. She asks where Claire was going. Claire wants to know if Kate is going to hijack them, too. Kate tells her she came back to return her stuff and hands over her purse. Kate asks where she was going, and Claire explains a couple in Brentwood was adopting her baby. They were supposed to meet her at the airport, but she guesses they got the days mixed up. Kate offers to drive Claire to their house. Uneasy but grateful, Claire gets in the cab.

WHOOOSH to the jungle as Kate, Jin, Aldo and Justin track Sawyer. Kate asks why the Others want them to stay at the Temple, and Aldo says because they're protecting them from the smoke monster. Jin asks if they know anything about the Ajira plane that came there. Justin is about to answer, but Aldo tells him to shut up. They continue following Sawyer's trail when Justin stops Kate from stepping on a trip wire. Above them is a net holding rocks. Jin comments that it looks like one of Rousseau's traps. Justin tells them the French woman has been dead for years, it isn't hers – but Aldo tells him to shut up. Kate gets into Aldo's face, and Aldo's angry she doesn't even remember him. He's the one she slammed in the face with a rifle and staged Karl's prison break. But Kate's had enough and SLAMS her canteen into Aldo's head. He drops, and Justin comes for her. He's too slow and she trips the wire, knocking the net of rocks down into Justin. Jin asks what Kate is doing, and she says escaping. She's going to go with Sawyer. She has no interest in being a prisoner. But Jin wants to find the Ajira plane because Sun was on it, and the Others know where it landed. He's going back to the Temple.

Guards bring Sayid back to the pool room, and Sayid tells Jack he was tortured. Jack goes to Dogen and asks what they did to Sayid. Lennon tells him that Sayid is sick, that he has been infected. With what? Jack points out that he doesn't have a fever. Dogen gives Jack a pill, and Lennon explains that Jack has to make Sayid take it. Jack refuses to give Sayid anything unless he knows what it is. Dogen asks if other people have died from Jack trying to help them. Jack is sobered by this but says yes. Dogen says the pill is a way for Jack to redeem himself. If Sayid doesn't take it, the infection will spread.

WHOOOSH to the adoptive couple's house in Brentwood. Claire rings the bell, and a woman who has obviously been crying answers the door. She apologizes and says her husband left her. She wants the baby but she can't do it alone. She's sorry, she should've called. Suddenly, Claire starts having contractions, and Kate drives her to the nearest hospital. Claire is rushed into the E.R. as Kate flags down a doctor, and it's Ethan! He examines Claire and says mother nature has gotten a little ahead of herself. Claire can have the baby now if she wants, or he can give her a shot to stop it. Claire says she's not ready yet, and Ethan gives her the shot when an alarm sounds. Claire asks if the baby is okay, and blurts out the name Aaron. Ethan says he's fine. He just moves around a lot and it's hard to pin down his heartbeat. Claire calms down, and then realizes that all through this, she's been clutching Kate's hand.

WHOOOSH to the barrack as Kate walks through. It's a ghost town. She finds Sawyer in his old house looking through the contents of a shoebox. Sawyer blows past her and goes to the docks. He sits staring at the water. Kate follows him and explains why she came back. She wanted to find Claire and bring her back to Aaron. Then all of this wouldn't have been for nothing. Kate says she's sorry about Juliet, but Sawyer blames himself. Juliet had been sitting on this same dock ready to leave, but he made her stay because he didn't want to be alone. But now he thinks some people are meant to be alone. He holds up a ring and says he was going to propose. Then he throws the ring into the water.

At the Temple, Jack asks Dogen why he has a translator. Dogen says he has to remain separate from the people he's in charge of. It makes it easier when they don't like the decisions he makes for them. Jack asks if he's from the island, and Dogen says no. He was brought here just like everyone else. Dogen knows Jack didn't give Sayid the pill and asks why. Jack says he doesn't know what's in it. Dogen says Jack has to trust him. Jack doesn't even trust himself, so how can he trust Dogen? And suddenly – Jack pops the pill in his mouth! Dogen rushes over and Heimlichs the pill out of Jack. He asks if Dogen will tell him what's in it now, and Dogen says poison.

WHOOOSH to the hospital as LAPD cops ask Claire about "Joan Hart," the cab driver who brought Claire there. Claire says she just drove her there and then left. They ask if she knew where "Joan" was headed, and Claire says no. The cops leave, and Kate comes out from her hiding spot. She thanks Claire for lying. Claire asks what she did, and Kate asks if she'd believe her if she said she was innocent. Claire says yeah, she would. Kate tells her Aaron is a great name, and Claire says she doesn't know why she said it. It's like she knew it or something. Kate tells her she should keep the baby.

WHOOOSH back to the Temple as Dogen gives Jack some tea. Jack asks why they're trying to kill Sayid, and Lennon says they think he's been "claimed." Dogen explains that there's a darkness growing in Sayid, and when it reaches his heart, everything he once was will be gone. Jack asks how he can be sure, and Dogen says because it happened to his sister.

In the jungle walking back to the Temple, Jin is grabbed by Aldo and Justin. Aldo asks where Kate is, but Jin doesn't know. He tries to run – but he steps in a bear trap and goes down! Then BANG! BANG! Gunshots rip into Aldo's chest and Justin's shoulder. They go down, and through the brush comes the unseen shooter. Jin tenses. A figure emerges from the jungle, looking feral with stringy hair and tattered clothes. Jin's eyes widen in shock because holding the smoking rifle is none other than Claire Littleton! She registers Jin with complete and total shock, too, and –


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