Season 6 Episode 5 Lighthouse

02/22/10 Season 6 TV-14 V

On the island: Hurley and Jack:
- Jacob appears to Hurley and tells him he has to take Jack and go somewhere. Someone's coming to the island, and they need to help them find it.
- To get him to go, Hurley tells Jack "he has what it takes."
- Hurley and Jack trek through the jungle to an ancient lighthouse.
- Jack discovers his name next to the number 23 on the wheel that turns the lighthouse mirror. When he turns the mirror to that number, an image of his childhood home appears in the mirror.
- Jack becomes angry, smashing the mirror. He wants to know why Jacob was watching him.
- Jacob tells Hurley the people will find the island another way. Jack and Hurley just needed to get as far away from the Temple as possible because someone bad is going there.

On the island: Jin and Claire:
- Claire gets Jin out of the bear trap, takes him to her hovel and cleans out his wound.
- She also brings back Justin, the Other she shot, and demands to know where they are keeping her son or she'll kill him.
- Jin tells Claire that Kate took Aaron and has raised him for the past three years.
- Claire kills Justin anyway -- she slams an ax into his chest.
- Scared, Jin says he was lying. Claire's relieved because if Kate did take Aaron, she'd have to kill her.
- Locke visits Claire, and she tells Jin this is her friend.

Flash sideways:
- Jack has a son named David and is late picking him up from school.
- Oceanic still has not found the coffin. Jack helps his mother find Christian's will.
- David disappears, and Jack tracks him down to a music conservatory audition.
- Jack asks why David didn't tell him about the audition, and David says he didn't want Jack to see him fail.
- Jack confesses that his own father told him he didn't have what it takes, and Jack spent his whole life carrying that around. He doesn't want David to ever feel that way and tells him that loves him and in his eyes, he can never fail.

Jack rushes into his condo from work and changes. He notices a scar on his abdomen and is confused. His mother calls him asking for an update on the coffin. Oceanic thought it was in Berlin but they're not sure. Margo says Christian's office is a mess and she can't find his will. Jack says he'll come over and help look. Then he asks when he had his appendix removed, and Margo says when he was seven or eight. Doesn't he remember? Jack guesses he does, then notices the time and runs out.

He drives up to a private school and walks over to a teenage boy waiting. This is David, and Jack apologizes for being late. David is clearly annoyed but says okay, dad. Wait -- dad?! In the flash sideways, Jack Shephard seems to have a son.

WHOOOSH to the Temple as Jack stares out at the reflecting pond. Dogen walks out and is relieved to see him. He thought Jack left. He asks if Sawyer, Kate and Jin are coming back, and Jack says probably not. Inside the Temple, Hurley looks for the kitchen and encounters Jacob. He says someone is coming to the island, and he needs Hurley to help them find it.

WHOOOSH to Jack's house. David goes into his room. There's no real sense that a teenager lives in this room. Jack asks if he's hungry. There's an awkwardness between them. An unfamiliarity. Jack says he's just trying to have a conversation with him, and David asks why. They see each other only once a month. Can't they just get through it?

WHOOOSH to the Temple. Jack talks to Sayid about his "infection." Others in the courtyard stare at Sayid. Jack tells him to ignore them. Sayid asks what happened with the pill Jack wanted to give him. Jack says it was poison. They wanted him to kill Sayid. because whatever it is they think happened to him also happened to someone else.

Out in the jungle, Claire rushes through the brush carrying a piece of rebar, looking dirty and feral. She stops in the clearing where Jin is, his leg stuck in a bear trap, along with the two bodies of the Others she shot. Claire checks them, making sure they're not a threat, and then uses the rebar to spring open the bear trap. Jin asks how long she's been out here in the jungle, and Claire says she doesn't know. Since all of them left. How long ago was that? Jin tells her three years. Claire is going to take Jin someplace safe. She helps him up to his feet and he tries to walk. He takes one step and THUD! Passes out and hits the ground cold.

In a Temple hallway, Hurley is looking for a certain hieroglyph carved in the walls. Dogen sees him and asks what he's doing. Jacob appears and tells Hurley to tell Dogen that he's a candidate and can do what he wants. Hurley does, and Dogen leaves in a huff. Jacob asks why Hurley hasn't brought Jack with him like he told him to, and Hurley says trying to make Jack do something is impossible. Jacob insists that Hurley has to bring Jack, and he has an idea how to get him to come.

Hurley goes to Jack and tells him that Jacob told him about a secret tunnel leading out into the jungle. Jack doesn't want to go. Hurley knew Jack would say that, so Jacob said he's supposed to tell Jack something: he has what it takes. It obviously means something to Jack because his whole demeanor changes. He's upset. He wants to know where Jacob is. Hurley explains that he's dead and turns up whenever he wants, but he'll be where they're going. A sense of purpose returns to Jack, and he says let's go see Jacob.

Jack and Hurley trek through the jungle. They come across Kate and ask where Jin and Sawyer are. Kate says Jin was heading back to the Temple and Sawyer is on his own. Hurley explains where the secret tunnel is, but Kate isn't going back. She's going to try and find Claire. Jack tells her the Others at the Temple think something happened to her. Kate is surprised to learn they know where Claire is and immediately takes off.

Elsewhere, Jin slowly comes to and sees that he's in a filthy hovel. It looks like an oversized beaver damn with sticks, leaves, rocks and piles of brush insulating the walls. He realizes this must be Claire's place, and it's filled with everything she's scavenged and found over the last three years. He looks around and sees a crib. He's creeped out by it but can't help looking inside. He hops over and finds inside a baby substitute -- a doll cruelly sewn together from the pelts and bones of various small animals Claire has killed and eaten. He hears Claire returning and hastily covers it back up. Claire enters, and she has Justin with her, tied up and bleeding from his shoulder wound. Claire says he was pretending to be dead, but now they get to talk to him about where they're hiding her son. She ties him up to a support branch and tells Jin they need to get his leg cleaned up or the infection will kill him. Jin asks if Claire has been out here all this time by herself, and Claire assures him she's not by herself. She leaves, and Justin pleads with Jin. They have to get out of there. He knows her, and she's going to kill them.

WHOOOSH to Jack's condo. He comes back from helping his mom find his father's will, and David isn't anywhere to be found. Jack calls his cell phone and leaves a message apologizing for anything he's done wrong, then drives over to David's mother's house to check there. David's not here either. He goes upstairs to David's room, and this is a room a teenage boy lives in. It's messy, clothes are strewn around, and posters of bands and Beethoven cover the walls. There is a digital piano along one wall. Jack takes it in, then spots David's answering machine. He listens to the messages and hears one from the Williams Conservatory confirming David's slot at 7PM.

Jack drives over the Williams Conservatory and goes inside. Onstage is David playing his audition piece, and he's good. Jack is moved by his performance. David finishes and goes off stage. Jack heads towards the exit door when a Japanese man stops him. He's there with his own son and says they're too young to have this kind of pressure. Jack looks over, and it's Dogen. But here in the flash sideways, they're strangers. They don't know each other. Dogen says it's hard to watch and be unable to help. All they can do is try and protect them.

WHOOOSH to Claire's hovel. She cleans Jin's wound and sews him up. Then she picks up an ax and turns her attention to Justin. He doesn't know where her son is, but Claire yells at him to stop lying. His people brought her to the Temple and tortured her. They stuck her with needles and branded her, and if she hadn't escaped, they would've killed her. Claire holds up the ax and tells Justin he has one more chance. Tell her where her son is! Justin says they don't have her damn kid. Claire starts to swing the ax, but Jin stops her. He yells out that Kate took him. Claire is confused. Kate? Jin tells her that Aaron has been with Kate for the last three years. Justin asks her to untie him and let him go, but a sudden rage fills Claire and she spins, sinking the ax deep into Justin's chest.

As Hurley and Jack trek through the jungle, Hurley explains that Jacob hopped in his cab and told him he was supposed to come back to the island. He asks why Jack came back, and Jack says because he was broken and stupid enough to think this place could fix him. They break through the jungle and reach the ancient stone lighthouse. Jack asks why they never saw it before, and Hurley says they weren't looking for it.

They go inside and climb the stairs to the top. There's a huge mirror in the middle of the room mounted atop a horizontal wooden wheel. A rope and pulley system is used to move the heavy wheel. There's also an old telescope aimed out one of the openings. Jack asks where Jacob is, and Hurley says he isn't there. Hurley is supposed to turn the wheel to 108 degrees, and goes over to the pulley. As the mechanism works and the wheel slowly turns, a fleeting image of a Korean temple catches Jack's eye. He looks outside but there's nothing there. He turns back, and the image is gone. Jack looks more carefully at the teeth on the wheel and sees penciled into the wood next to each numbered degree is a name. His own name is at 23 degrees, and he tells Hurley to turn it there. In the mirror is a reflection of the house he grew up in. Jack realizes that Jacob was watching him. Frustrated, he gets angry and wants Hurley to ask Jacob right now why he was watching him. Hurley says Jacob isn't there, and Jack gets more angry. Jack grabs the telescope and slams it into the mirror, shattering it, and then leaves.

WHOOOSH to the auditorium as David is unlocking his bike to ride home. Jack walks up and says he was great in there. David is surprised to see Jack there. He thought he could get back home before Jack returned from grandma's house. Jack thought David had stopped playing, and David said he started again but made mom promise not to tell. Jack asks why. David says it was always such a big deal to Jack that he didn't want Jack to see him fail. Jack is taken aback by this. He tells David that his father didn't want him to fail either, except he used to tell him that Jack didn't have what it takes. He spent the rest of his life carrying that around, and he never wanted David to feel that way. Jack loves David, and in his eyes he could never fail. He just wants to be a part of David's life.

WHOOOSH back to the lighthouse. Jack sits alone looking out at the ocean. Jacob appears and asks how it went. Hurley says if Jacob had explained things better, then Jack wouldn't have smashed the mirror. Now whoever needed to get to the island is screwed. Jacob says they'll find another way. Then Hurley realizes that Jacob wanted Jack to see what was in that mirror. Jacob says it was the only way for him to understand how important he is. Jack is here because he has to do something. He can't be told what it is. He has to find it for himself. Jacob says he couldn't risk them not coming. They had to get as far away from the Temple as possible because someone bad is going there. Hurley says they have to warn them, but Jacob says it's too late.

In the jungle at Claire's hovel, Claire asks why Jin said Kate was raising her baby. Scared, Jin covers and says he was trying to save Justin's life. Claire is right, the Others have Aaron at the Temple. Claire thanks Jin. She's glad to know he was lying because if Kate did take Aaron and raise him... then she'd kill her. And then a voice interrupts them and John Locke steps inside. Jin is surprised to see him. But Claire says it's not John, it's her friend. Locke smiles darkly at Jin, and we realize that he's recruited Claire, too.

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