Season 6 Episode 6 Sundown

03/01/10 Season 6 TV-14 L, V

On the island: Sayid:
- Dogen asks Sayid to kill Locke and gives him a special dagger to use
- Sayid stabs Locke, but he's unaffected
- Sayid returns to the Temple and kills Dogen and Lennon

On the island: Locke:
- Locke makes an agreement with Claire: if she delivers a message to the Others, he'll help her get Aaron back
- Sayid goes into the Temple and tells them they have until sundown to leave or they will die
- The Others imprison Claire
- Kate returns and tries to rescue Claire, but Claire doesn't want to go with her
- Cindy, the kids and a few Others leave and join Locke
- The smoke monster attacks the Temple, killing everyone left inside
- Sayid, Claire and Kate join Locke and the Others who left; Locke has now assembled his team

Flash sideways:
- Sayid goes to Nadia's house, who is married to his brother and has two kids
- Omer, Sayid's brother, borrowed money from Keamy to open up a new store and has to pay interest payments every month as long as he owns the business. Omer wants Sayid to talk to Keamy and "convince" him to stop the payments. Sayid says no, he doesn't do that type of thing anymore
- Omer is beaten unconscious outside his store. Nadia pleads with Sayid not to do anything in retaliation
- Nadia asks why Sayid didn't want her and pushed her towards his brother. Sayid says he has blood on his hands from what he did, and he doesn't deserve Nadia
- Keamy forces Sayid into a meeting at a closed restaurant. Keamy tells Sayid that he is going to have to make the payments now. Sayid kills Keamy and his men
- In the walk-in freezer, Sayid finds Jin beaten and tied to a chair

Sayid sits in a taxi outside a suburban house and stares at the photo of Nadia. Finally he gets out and rings the doorbell. Nadia answers, and they fall into a hug. But it's not the type of long-lost romantic hug you'd expect after years of estrangement. And then a young boy and girl run out and wrap their arms around him shouting Uncle Sayid is here! A man also steps out and sees the flowers Sayid holds. He's surprised that Sayid would bring flowers for his wife. Sayid smiles and offers them to the man. They hug, and Sayid says it's good to see you, brother.

Later at dinner, Sayid says he has been all over the world translating contracts for an oil company. Omer, Sayid's brother, just opened up another dry cleaning store. Sayid is genuinely happy for him. Then Omer gets a call. He says it's business and leaves the table. It's the first time Nadia and Sayid have been alone, and she asks if he got her letters. Yes, he did. Nadia points out that he never wrote back.

WHOOOSH to the Temple as Sayid talks to Dogen about why they did the tests they did on him. Dogen says it would be best if Sayid were dead, but Sayid says he's a good man. Dogen is dubious -- and SLAM! Without warning, he drills Sayid in the throat with the edge of his hand. The fight is on. They crash into tables and wreck the place. Dogen grabs a paint brush and splinters off the bristle end, just about to stab Sayid in the neck, when he sees a baseball roll by on the floor. Something about it makes Dogen stop. He tells Sayid to leave the Temple and never come back.

Outside the Temple entrance, Claire and Locke stand side by side. Claire asks why does it have to be her? Why can't Locke do it? Locke says if he could do it himself, he wouldn't be asking her. Claire agrees only if she can get her son back, and Locke assures her he always does what he says. Claire asks if he's going to hurt them, and Locke says only the ones who won't listen.

Claire strolls into the Temple and gives Dogen the message: he wants to see him. Dogen says he'll be killed if he steps outside the Temple. Claire tells him to send someone he won't kill. She turns to leave, but Dogen orders her imprisoned. Then he asks for Shephard and Reyes, but they can't be found. Dogen orders Lennon to look harder for them.

Sayid is about to leave, but Dogen stops him and says things have changed. Dogen says Claire is a confused girl under the influence of an angry man. For years he's been trapped, but now that Jacob is gone, he is free and won't stop until he destroys every living thing on the island. Dogen wants Sayid to kill him. He gives Sayid an ancient dagger and says the man outside is no ordinary man. He is evil incarnate. He will come as someone Sayid knows. Someone who has died. As soon as Sayid sees him, he needs to plunge the dagger deep into his chest. Sayid can't hesitate and can't let him speak. If he does, it's already too late. Sayid asks why he should do this? Dogen says if there's still any good in his soul, then prove it.

WHOOOSH to Nadia's house as Sayid sleeps on the sofa. Omer wakes him up and tells Sayid he's in trouble. He borrowed money to open the second store, and he didn't borrow it from a bank. He paid back the loan, but the man who lent him the money says Omer has to pay interest every month as long as he owns the store. Omer knows what kind of man Sayid is and wants him to "convince" these people to leave him alone. Sayid refuses, saying he isn't going to hurt anyone because of Omer's bad business decision. Omer says it's not about him but about his family. They would lose everything. Omer knows Sayid carries around Nadia's picture. If he really cares about her, he'll do this.

WHOOOSH to the Temple. Kate returns and learns from Miles that Claire is back. She forces Lennon to take her to Claire. He leads her to a cistern with a rope ladder on the ground next to it. Kate looks down into the deep hole and sees Claire at the bottom singing. She calls down, and Claire is happy and surprised to see her. Kate asks why they put her down there, and Claire says she's come back to get her son. The Others took Aaron away from her. Kate says no, they don't have Aaron. She took Aaron off the island. Claire was gone and they couldn't find her. Aaron is a beautiful boy, and Kate came back to rescue Claire so she could be with him again. Claire just smiles and says she's not the one who needs rescued. He's coming, and they can't stop him.

Sayid leaves the Temple and walks into the jungle. He hears the tikka tikka tikka sound of the smoke monster. At first it's faint, but then it grows louder. Sayid knows he's not alone. He scans the tree line, turning around looking -- when Locke walks up behind him. Sayid is shocked -- the man Dogen wants him to kill looks exactly like John Locke! Locke says hello, and Sayid buries the dagger deep into Locke's chest. Locke is surprised but pulls the blade out, not a drop of blood is on it, just a hole in his shirt where the blade entered.

Locke levels his gaze on Sayid and asks why he did that. Sayid says he was told that Locke is evil incarnate. Locke feels sorry for Sayid. Dogen knew Sayid had no chance of killing him, and Dogen knew Locke would kill Sayid for trying. But this isn't the first time Dogen has tried to get someone else to do it for him. Sayid asks what it is Locke wants him to do. Locke smiles and says to deliver a message. If Sayid does this, then what if Locke can give Sayid anything he wanted? Anything in the world. Sayid says the only thing he ever wanted died in his arms and he'll never see it again. Locke asks but what if he could? Sayid returns to the Temple and delivers the message to Dogen and the Others: Jacob is dead and none of them have to stay there any longer. They are free. The man he met is leaving the island forever, and anyone who wants to go with him should leave the Temple and join him. They have until sundown to decide. If they stay... they'll die.

WHOOOSH to Sayid helping Nadia get the kids off to school when their tranquility is broken -- Omer was beaten unconscious outside his store. They rush to the hospital and Sayid asks how it happened. The EMTs think it was a mugging, but Sayid knows better. He starts to leaves, and Nadia stops him. Whatever he's thinking about doing, don't do it. She asks him to go home, make the kids dinner and make them feel safe. Later that night, Nadia returns from the hospital and tells Sayid she knows what's going on. A debt is a debt, and they'll simply sell the business. This is Omer's responsibility. He brought it on himself.

They are close to each other and can feel the romantic tension between them. Nadia asks why Sayid didn't want to be with her? Why did he push her towards Omer? Sayid says he's spent twelve years trying to wash his hands of all the horrible things he's done, and they're still not clean. He can't be with her because he doesn't deserve her.

The next day, Sayid leaves to pick up the kids from school. A man drives up and tells him to get in his car. Sayid goes with him to an empty restaurant. In the kitchen, a man at the stove cooking eggs introduces himself as Martin Keamy. His partner is Omar. And you may remember them from the freighter mercenary team, but in the flash sideways they are strangers to Sayid. Keamy asks about Sayid's brother and says it's too bad he was mugged right in front of his own store. It's a good thing that Sayid is there to take care of the family. Sayid asks if Keamy put his brother in the hospital. Keamy says no, but it's a dangerous world out there -- and it happens so fast, Keamy barely has time to register it. Sayid elbows Omar's face, reaches into his jacket and grabs Omar's gun, uses him as a human shield and shoots the other goon -- and then holds Keamy at gunpoint. Keamy is desperate, and tells Sayid that his brother doesn't owe anything. The debt is forgiven, just forget it. But Sayid can't forget it and BAM! He shoots and kills Keamy.

The Sayid hears muffled yells coming from a walk-in freezer. Sayid opens the door, and there tied to a chair, duct tape over his mouth and beaten up, is Jin! Jin pleads with Sayid in Korean not to kill him. Sayid asks who he is, and Jin says no English.

WHOOOSH to the Temple as the Others decide what to do. Cindy says it isn't safe there anymore, and she and the kids can't take the risk. They leave. Sayid finds Dogen in the pool room and returns the dagger. Dogen tells Sayid that he was a businessman in Osaka and worked at a bank. He was promoted and they went out to celebrate. He had too much to drink, and he had to go pick up his twelve-year-old son from baseball practice. There was an accident. He survived but his son... Jacob came to him in the hospital and said he could save his son's life, but Dogen had to come to the island and could never see his son again. Dogen then asks if Locke made Sayid a similar bargain, and Sayid says yes. Then Sayid tackles Dogen and forces him underwater, drowning him. Lennon comes in and is shocked to see what Sayid has done. Dogen was the only thing keeping the smoke monster out! Sayid slits Lennon's throat and says he knows.

Then the smoke monster attacks. The Others hear the TIKKA-TIKKA-TIKKA sounds outside, and it crashes through the doors! It roils up like a snake and strikes! Kate runs to the cistern to help Claire out, but Claire tells her she'll be safer down there. Kate looks up and sees the smoke monster barreling right toward her. She jumps into the hole, clutching onto the rope ladder. Miles tears down a separate corridor and runs into Ilana, Lapidus, Sun and Ben. They ask where Sayid is, and Miles tells them the pool room. Ben offers to go get him. Ilana leads the rest to the secret tunnel. Sun asks about Jin, and Miles tells her he left the day before. Ben finds Sayid and tells him there's a way out, but Sayid only stares at him, Lennon's blood on the knife. There is no way out for Sayid anymore.

In the Temple aftermath, Sayid crosses through the courtyard taking in the carnage. Sayid let the monster in, and there's no remorse left in him. Claire enters, and she's singing. Oblivious or unfeeling, we can't tell. But following her is Kate, and she's stunned. Sickened. They walk outside and join Locke with the small crowd of Others who left in time. Locke smiles, victorious, and nods to Sayid with approval. Locke has now assembled his team, and there's no going back.

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