Season 6 Episode 8 Recon

03/15/10 Season 6 TV-14 L, S, V

On the island: Locke's group:
- Locke asks Sawyer to do recon on the Hydra island
- Sawyer rows over and discovers all the Ajira survivors are dead
- He is captured by Zoe and Seamus and taken to see Widmore on the sub
- Sawyer makes a deal with Widmore to bring Locke right to his doorstep only if Widmore will give Sawyer's people safe passage off the island; Widmore agrees
- Sawyer returns to Locke's camp and tells Locke everything about Widmore
- Sawyer tells Kate that while Locke and Widmore are fighting, they're going to take the sub and get off the island

On the island: Claire/Kate:
- Claire leaves her hovel with Locke's group, which includes Kate and the Others from the Temple
- Claire attacks Kate and tries to kill her
- Locke apologizes to Kate and promises it won't happen again
- Claire apologizes to Kate and thanks her for taking care of Aaron

Flash sideways:
- Sawyer is revealed to be not a con man but a cop
- His partner is Miles
- He lies to Miles about being in Australia
- Miles sets Sawyer up on a blind date with Charlotte
- Sawyer and Charlotte have a good time together, but she finds his secret file on Anthony Cooper and he kicks her out of his apartment
- Miles discovers that Sawyer was lying about Australia, but Sawyer won't tell him why; Miles doesn't want to be Sawyer's partner anymore
- Sawyer explains to Miles who Anthony Cooper is and why he was lying
- They're rear-ended by Kate as she's running from the police, and Sawyer arrests her

Sawyer goes inside Claire's hovel. Jin is there and says that Claire and John will be back soon. He wants to leave before they get back, but Sawyer says he's with Locke. Jin is surprised and asks why. Sawyer doesn't care who Locke is but he says he can get them off the island. Jin doesn't want to leave until he finds Sun. Sawyer understands and says they won't leave without her. Sawyer hears them return, and they go outside and are surprised to see that a group of the Others came with Claire and Locke. Then Sawyer sees Kate, and it's the last person he expected to see.

WHOOOSH to hotel bedroom. Sawyer's in bed with Ava. She realizes he's late for an appointment, and he jumps up, throws his clothes on, grabs a briefcase — and the case pops open. Piles of cash fall out. Yep, this is Sawyer's old con, and he's trying it on a new victim. Sawyer pretends to be "busted" and explains the "investment" — but then Ava pulls a gun on him and demands the money. She knows how to spot a con man, she's married to one. How stupid does he think she is? Sawyer says pretty damn stupid actually. It's a set-up. The room is bugged, cops surround the place, and a tracer is in the briefcase. All she had to do was take the money back to wherever her husband was hiding out. Ava doesn't believe him and says he's a lousy con man. She raises the gun and cocks it — and Sawyer says the magic word: "LaFleur." Suddenly cops break down the door and arrest Ava. Miles walks in, an LAPD badge dangling from his neck, and shakes his head. He says put your damn pants on... partner. Then Miles tosses Sawyer his badge. Ava is shocked — he's a cop?! Sawyer winks at her. That's right, sweetheart. Surprise.

WHOOOSH to the jungle outside Claire's hovel as Locke addresses the group. He knows they have questions and he'll answer them, but they need to keep moving. Cindy asks about the people who stayed behind at the Temple, and Locke says the black smoke killed them. But they're with him now and he'll protect them. As they head out, Kate asks if Sawyer is with Locke. Sawyer says he's not with anybody.

WHOOOSH to a LAPD police station. Sawyer is on the phone with Anthony Cooper. He has a list of Anthony Coopers all over the country he is calling and pretending to have unclaimed property, asking them to verify they were in Alabama in 1976. But this one isn't the one he wants, and he hangs up. He tries another one right as Miles walks over. Sawyer hangs up and hides the file. Miles asks who Anthony Cooper is, and Sawyer lies. Says it was a buddy offering Laker tickets. Miles asks if Sawyer saw him in Palm Springs. Sawyer is confused. Miles reminds him about his weekend trip. Sawyer is a little off his game and covers quickly. Oh, yeah. Too much sun and too many mai tais. Miles tells him to get it together because Sawyer has a date tonight. Sawyer is again thrown off. What date? With Miles' friend who works with his dad at the museum. Sawyer shakes his head. No, thanks. Miles asks if Sawyer wants to die alone. Sawyer asks if he agrees, will Miles leave him alone. Miles tells him to throw in one of the Laker tickets and he will. Sawyer backpedals — he's already pulling strings with this guy and doesn't think he can get an extra ticket. Miles senses something isn't right and reminds Sawyer that he can tell him the truth about anything. Miles then directly asks if Sawyer is lying to him. Sawyer says he's telling the truth. Why would he lie?

WHOOOSH to the island as Locke's group treks through the jungle. Sawyer confronts Locke about killing everyone at the Temple. Locke says he gave them the opportunity to leave peacefully but they didn't. They thought they were protecting the island from him even though all he wants to do is leave. So it was either kill or be killed, and Locke doesn't want to be killed. Sawyer and Locke reach a small outrigger parked on the sand. Locke wants Sawyer to go over to Hydra island and see if the coast is clear. He has reason to believe the rest of the people from the Ajira flight mean to do all of them harm. Sawyer asks what he's supposed to do if he runs into someone who wants to do him harm? Locke's not worried. Sawyer is the best liar he's ever met. Tell them whatever he needs to tell them to gain their trust and find out everything he can. Sawyer asks why he's doing this, and Locke says because they're going to get on that plane, fly off the island... and never look back.

At Locke's camp, Claire attacks Kate. Claire is ferocious. There's a savage glare in her eye. She pins Kate, grabs a knife, and is about to slice open her neck when Locke returns and throws Claire off Kate. Claire screams that Kate stole her son! Locke reminds Claire that she disappeared. Kate couldn't find her and did what she had to do. Claire continues screaming, and Locke slaps her. He says she's being inappropriate and sends her away. Locke apologizes to Kate and says it won't happen again. He promises.

At Hydra island, Sawyer rows up and hides the outrigger. The beach is empty. Not a soul in sight. He cuts through the tree line and finds the cages where he and Kate were kept prisoner. In Kate's old cage, he finds her flowered dress, the one Ben made her wear. He picks it up and remembers her wearing it.

WHOOOSH to a restaurant as Sawyer strolls in ready to meet his date. He calls Miles and asks which one she is again. Miles tells him, and Sawyer spots her. She's the redhead at the bar. It's Charlotte! They smile at each other, suddenly very pleased to be on a blind date. They have dinner and flirt a lot. Charlotte asks why he became a cop. Sawyer says he got to a point in his life where he was gonna end up a criminal or a cop, so he chose cop. They go back to his apartment and make love. Afterwards, she asks if she can grab a t-shirt. Sawyer tells her to help herself as he gets them some water. Charlotte opens his drawer and finds his Anthony Cooper file. As she flips through it, Sawyer comes back into the room and catches her. He yells at her and tells her to get out.

The next day Miles confronts Sawyer, asking if there's something Sawyer wants to tell him. Sawyer thinks it's about Charlotte, but that's not it. Miles wants to know why Sawyer was in Australia when he said he was in Palm Springs. He ran Sawyer's credit card and saw the Oceanic round-trip charge. Sawyer is angry and tells Miles it's none of his damn business. Miles is hurt and tells Sawyer he's right because they're not partners anymore.

WHOOOSH to Hydra island as Sawyer continues to explore. He finds the Ajira plane and the survivors' camp but not a single person. He notices drag marks in the sand and follows them to discover a stack of dead bodies. It's the Ajira survivors, and they're all dead. Then CRACK! A branch snaps behind him, and he whips around, gun drawn. A figure in the trees runs away. Sawyer runs after it, lunges forward, tackling the person. It's a woman, and she begs him not to hurt her. She tells him she's the only one left. Her name is Zoe, and she tells him she was off gathering wood when she heard screaming. When she came back, they were all dead. She spent the last two days dragging them off the beach. Sawyer tells her she's safe now and that she's going back with him. As they head back to the outrigger, Sawyer asks where she was headed on the flight. Zoe hesitates, thinking, and then says Guam. Sawyer pulls his gun on her and says she's good but not that good. He asks who she really is, but then she whistles. Out of nowhere come five armed men surrounding Sawyer. Seamus forces Sawyer to drop his gun and get on his knees. Sawyer easily complies and says they got him. Take him to their leader.

WHOOOSH to Sawyer at home that night alone. He has an empty, lonely apartment. He heats a microwave meal and watches TV. On screen is a loving family, reminding Sawyer of the life he doesn't have. Good and drunk, he decides to go to Charlotte's apartment. Once she sees who it is, she tells him to leave. He blew it.

The next morning Sawyer waits for Miles outside his apartment. He explains who Anthony Cooper is and what he did. He had tracked him down to Australia and went down there to kill him but it was the wrong one. Miles asks why Sawyer didn't tell him any of this, and Sawyer says he knew Miles would try to talk him out of it. And then BAM! They're rear-ended by another car. The person driving jumps out and runs off down a side street, and Sawyer and Miles take off in pursuit. They drive around the corner, block off the street — and Sawyer jumps the runner. He flips the person around, and we see that the person is none other than Kate Austen.

WHOOOSH to Sawyer being marched through the jungle. He sees some men hoisting a small pylon, a portable version of the sonic fence. Zoe and the men lead him to a submarine. She indicates for him to go in and says he's waiting. Sawyer is lead through the submarine and passes a padlocked door. Sawyer asks what's in there. Zoe tells him it's none of his business. She escorts Sawyer into a private room where he meets Charles Widmore. Sawyer knows who Widmore is — he's the guys that sent the freighter with the guys to kill them all. Sawyer also believes Widmore killed all the people on the beach. Widmore denies murdering those people but doesn't expect Sawyer to believe him. Sawyer explains that John Locke sent him over, but Widmore knows Locke is dead. Sawyer smiles and says they both know the man posing as Locke really isn't him. Walking in, Sawyer saw the pylon and knows what it does. So Sawyer makes a deal with Widmore: Sawyer will tell Locke the coast is clear and lead him to Widmore's doorstep, but Widmore's people can't touch anyone in his boat. Sawyer wants safe passage off the island. Widmore agrees.

At Locke's camp, Claire apologizes to Kate and thanks her for taking care of Aaron. Kate accepts her apology, and Claire breaks down crying in her arms. Sawyer returns, and he tells Locke that Charles Widmore is over on Hydra island and won't let them take the plane without a fight. He also says they have pylons to keep out the smoke thing. Locke asks why Sawyer is telling him all this, and Sawyer explains that Widmore will be caught with his pants down when they change their attack plans. Locke thanks Sawyer for his loyalty. Sawyer says a deal's a deal, and Locke promised he'd get Sawyer off the island.

Sawyer walks over to Kate and talks to her privately, telling her everything that's happened. He explains that he told Locke everything because it was the only way to get Locke to trust him. Now he's going to let them fight it out. And while their hands are full with each other, they're going to get the hell off this island. Kate asks how, he doesn't know how to fly the plane. Sawyer says they ain't taking the plane — they're taking the sub.

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